Israel and the Dubai Murder Mystery

Israelis woke up Wednesday morning to pictures of 11 individuals
plastered on the front page of every newspaper. The familiar guessing
game began immediately: Don’t I know him? Didn’t we serve in the same
army unit? Isn’t that guy my geeky neighbor, the one who says he’s an
accountant? An acquaintance of mine swore she had dated one of the men.
“He behaved exactly like you’d expect a killer to behave,” she said.

Nearly everyone believes that the 11
alleged members of the hit squad that killed Hamas leader Muhammad
al-Mabhouh last week in Dubai are Mossad agents. Seven of the 11
identities used were stolen from other Israelis with dual European

The Dubai police chief has stated “with
99% certainty” that the Mossad is responsible and has promised to
reveal additional evidence to prove it. The methods—including the use of
false European passports—are certainly reminiscent of previous Mossad

The mission was technically successful.
The target was eliminated—allegedly smothered by a pillow in his hotel
room—and the operatives left the country within hours. But it has turned
into a diplomatic nightmare for Israel. The sovereignty of Dubai was

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