Another young Iranian, Mostafa Mir Ebrahimi, Dies from Pressures in Prison

Mostafa Mir Ebrahimi was born February 22, 1987 in Tehran. Six months ago, Mostafa was arrested and taken to an unknown location by regime forces while he was at Neda Agha Soltan’s grave site.

Mostafa’s friends who witnessed the arrest informed his family about the news. But after six months of efforts to search [for answers], the regime refused to release any information to his family.  Mostafa’s name was not registered in any prisons or official lists for the arrested.

After the six months, and a few days before the release of the forensic report, Mostafa’s father learned [of the death].  The regime has not allowed Mostafa’s body to be delivered to his family.

Regime agents stated that they will first bury Mostafa before giving the family the address to the grave site.


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