Hafez, Saaghi & Meykadeh!

I was reading Hafez. Came across a poem in which Hafez has walked into the local bar (meykhaneh – house of wine) – the gorgeous lady bartender (Saaghi) has approached him – and Hafez has no money. In the poem Hafez describes his swinging thoughts and moods so beautifully and masterfully. In every line this great philosopher explores the struggles between righteousness vs. the beautiful eyes of Saaghi and the inviting scent of wine. In the poem Hafez starts with a description of his first glance at Saghi’s eyes, then he proceeds to the need not to compromise his good name and reputation, He then thinks about selling his robe, before praying for a do-gooder to appear. At the end he is ready to jump the cliff at any cost, advising the listeners not to judge him until they get a glimpse of Eshghe Saaghi.

On a lighter note – I wonder if meykhanehs of the era provided additional services?!! Hafez urges towards Saaghi are a bit stronger than just visual pleasure.

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