Sound as a Swiss Franc

These days everyone is trying to sell gold and silver. Aside from gold, what is the best investment (I know gold is not an actual currency)? Where are we supposed to be putting our money these days? Is there any stable currency left in the world?

Europe is on fire, the United States is China’s toilet, and the Middle East is basically a playground that you’d better not take seriously. Yesterday I read that the IMF is begging for a new world reserve currency. Move over dollar!

What is really going on? Do any of you have your money hidden somewhere safe that you are willing to discuss and share? I guess if I have to ask this, it means that I’m in big trouble. Thank you for any crumbs you can send my way.

P.S. Last week, 23 CIA officers were convicted in Italy over their fun in the sky rendition program. Torture is being taken seriously in Italy? No wonder their economy is in trouble. Don’t mess with the war on terror.

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