Iran Chat – Richard Haass Recommends US Should Support Opposition Movement in Iran

In this 2/26/2010 interview on Real Time with Bill Maher show, Richard Haass talks about his views on helping the opposition greens instead of engagement and sanctions on Iran.  His views are interesting since Richard Haass is the pesident of the Council on Foreign Relations, a powerful foreign policy think tank center in D.C., and their opinions are usually echoed in Washington circles. 

If adopted, the consequences of this policy shift would be full support of the green opposition, trouble for the ayatollah class and their henchman sepaah, basij and ghods and a possible regime change in Iran.  Especially if the real military in Iran takes the side of the people of Iran.

If you want to write Richard Haass about your opinion, his contact info is listed below, . 

Contact Info:
Phone: +1-212-434-9543; for all media requests, contact Lisa Shields at +1-212-434-9888 or

The section on Iran starts ca. 3:26 min.  

Even amu-norus is going green.  Let’s hope for a regime change in the coming Noruz. 

To all IRI sympathizers/henchmen: Choose your next residence carefully, since either the Iranian courts or the International Court of Justice in the Hague will investigate your crimes against humanity.

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