Nihilist pigeons of Robson Square (three poems)

The wise man in my head whispered:

“Let’s get off all the poisons inside you…

You will be free…”

I got rid of all the poisons inside me

All cleared.

I saw nothing has left of me

I was all gone


Even the wise man in my head



Sure you can have pepperoni pizza for your dinner

Or why not a bowl of Chinese noodle

With lots of teriyaki sauce

..Or may be spaghetti with shredded mozzarella on top

But no matter what we get for dinner

Our late night supper is one thing: Stereotype

And hey! We’re gonna regurgitate it all night and day.




There are many pigeons on Robson Square

So what?? I tell you what!

Three of those pigeons are philosophers

They are nihilists

Shake their heads

When watching people and commotions around

Along with the political protests in Robson square

You may not have heard it

But one of those pigeons always says:

“It is easy to become an intellectual elite,

But it is so hard to get rid of the illusion…”

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