Dear friends we need your support

When we started this group, it was hoped that we would turn the opposition movement outside Iran into an anti-apartheid, Solidarnosc type campaign, another words we want to bring Iranians outside their bubble, break invisible walls and reach out to activists and those who care for Human rights within the non-Iranian community. The logic behind this is that if you win the heart of the voters the politicians would follow. Doing this, the western media would also give our campaigns a bigger profile, and together we shall win.

We know we can do this and this would be a succesful because we have seen it done for South Africa and Poland. We eventually saw the Berlin wall fall. Let us break the artificial wall that the regime has build and free the 70 million Iranians.

With this regime, our immediate future is only going to be even gloomier than today, so the only way forward is to fight our campaign in a coherent way, protesting amongst ourselves is not enough.

There are so many voices shouting the same cry for freedom, but how many turn this into action?

We are interested in people who are willing to make a difference and take action to join our group.

I have nothing against groups that spread the News but there has been enough preaching to the converted, and we need to do more.

So please join our group, or web site and we will help you fill electronic forms to Amnesty International, White House, Senate etc.

We also have our facebook group which serves the same function.


As an example I leave you with this, which is one of our electronic campaigns where you can contact the White House and demand the freedom of Mohammad Yusef Rashidi.

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