A woman’s place is in the kitchen

“Women are not created for doing horse-riding or firing guns. Women are not made for shoemaking, or working at liquor units or delivering speeches in public rallies like men…who will take care of a child when his mother is sitting in Parliament? … We can’t say that women are developing with all these parameters”

If by any chance you thought the above demagoguery is from some of the Godly folks over at IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, where by apartheid law women are second class citizens you would be wrong in the sense that although it is from a big shot Islamist but the geographical location is different.

The world’s biggest Democracy where by the way a woman is the President does have our kind of Godly folks too who even though have been born and raised in a democratic society but still wish to supplant an IRR Rapistocracy in the democratic India.

This should be a warning to all those who are dreaming of “reformist” Islamists delivering democracy and after thirty one years of IRR still do not fully grasp the absurdity of such impossible oxymoronic dream.

But don’t worry if these Islamists have their way they’ll allow women to cast their votes provided:

Muslim women could contest elections in theocratic Islamic states because they would have to necessarily remain in ‘purdah’ while there was no such restriction in secular societies.”


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