Godless Iranians In Diapora: Unhappy & unsatisfied

Too often recent Iranian transplants in Western societies or more so long embedded Iranians in exile feel a sense of liberation upon leaving the religious and traditional society in Iran.  This often starts with their curiosity in finding out more about God.  They question their long held religious beliefs (usually Shiite Islam).  They start to flirt with athiesm and at times agontism.  After a while you see them acting like birds that have been let out of a cage.  They go to extremes; attacking their religious and traditional values.

Having been empowered by the sense that there is no Maker, they indulge in whatever pleases them.  They feel there is no accountability and take their new found freedoms to unimaginable dimensions.  For girls it means a spending splurge and for guys its engaging in any vice out there.

You see the girls wearing extremely revealing and tight outfits that put their western counterparts to shame.  There make-up also starts to take more of a sluty woman’s look.

The guys tend to spend their time in clubs and bars.  They go and brag the next day over about their conquests when indeed they are standing against the wall with a beer watching a black man or an Arab get groovy with the girl they had “spotted” that night.  The guys after failure followed by failure at bars and clubs decide to take the easy route and start frequenting strip clubs and at times a one hour session with an escort service.

However, with time doubt sets in.  The Sunset begins to forecast its shadow.  The girls in question start to wonder why nothing meaningful became of their new looks.  They wonder how is it that all the sexy outfits did not produce any tangible and meaningful results.  They feel used and abused.  They had thought that what’s on the outside defines what is most desired by guys, only to learn later in life that personality, humility and modesty is what most sensible gentleman are after.  By the time they realize that, they are past their prime and only seethe in anger and bitterness as the new girl on the block becomes the focus of the attention.  The Sun has indeed set and they made very little of the daylight while they had it.  Thus begins a life of regrets and feelings of depression and suicide.

For the guys, after sometime, they too realize that their fake “conquests” were nothing but products that they had purchased with cash money.  As their friends move away to other towns, they feel that their behaviour and acts has made them very lonely and isolated.  Everyone has moved on, yet they seen stuck in the mud.  They too start to feel that the Western glamour was only a temporary thing.  They feel lonely and bitter.

For both girls and guys, they had sold and traded their beliefs for a temporary sense of gratification.  Now they feel empty.  They had over the years brainwashed themselves and sold out their GOD.  They feel no one cares or looks out for them.  Hence begins a life of depression and sadness that is even more compounded by their exile in a foreing land with a foreign culture.


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