How Goldman Sachs took over the world

How Goldman Sachs (Rothschild’s) took over the


Well they are the most powerful firm on Wallstreet but actually they are
an outlet of the Rothschild’s who have spread their power under
different names into this century and the prior one. They create new
entities to hide the web the have created of which the Bilderberger is
one and Soros is another. The 30 mil. think tank I wrote about in an
earlier post is the brain of the Obama administration and his closest
advisers are all from the Rothshild boys from RUBIN, SUMMERS, VOLCKER
and second tier next generation breed like Geithner. Emanuel and many

Rockefeller’s,Ford the Bush family belongs to them as the Clinton’s
work for them. One very easy proof is the remaining official
Rothschild’s fortune is petty cash compared to my calculation how much
the fortunes of them should be worth easily in the trillion league.
Compared to the pathetic list Forbes publishes every year about Gates
and Buffett who are also members of the Club. Imagine it like the middle
ages with kings and lords who share one big interest and we are close
to the real picture. The idea of democracy is the Matrix cover to run
their business as it is easier to screw with people as long as they
think they have a saying to what is going on. T…

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