Medical Entrance Questionnaire.

The other day one of my customers who is on the selection committee at one of the medical schools sent me a copy of the  entrance examination answers filled out by one of the students.

I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I did.


Antibody – against everyone

Artery – The study of the paintings.

Bacteria – back door to a cafeteria.

Caesarean section – a district in Rome.

Cardiology – advance study of poker playing.

Cat scan – searching for lost kitty.

Chronic – neck of a crow.

Coma – punctuation mark.

Cortisone – area around local court.

Cyst – short for sister.

Diagnosis – person with slanted nose.

Dilate – the late British Princess Diana.

Dislocation – in this place.

Duodenum – couple in blue jeans.

Enema – not a friend.

Fake labour – pretending to work.

Genes – blue denim.

Hernia – she is close by.

Impotent – distinguished/well known.

Labour pain – hurt at work.

Lactose – people without toes.

Lymph – walk unsteadily.

Microbes – small dressing gown.

Obesity – city of Obe.

Pacemaker – winner of Nobel peace prize.

Proteins – in favour of teens.

Pulse – grain.

Pus – small cat.

Red blood count – Dracula.

Secretion – hiding anything.

Tablet – small table.

Ultrasound – radical noise.

Urine – opposite of you’re out.

Varicose – very close.

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