Nowruz Shmoruz – who gives a sh%&?

When it comes to getting silly, we Iranians are in a class of our own. Take the issue over the Nowruz resolution in Congress – a fully irrelevant and inconsequential piece of legislation that does nothing but to say “Happy Nowruz” to Iranians in America. This “groundbreaking” resolution has apparently been pushed for by NIAC and PAAIA, but instead of being cool about it, a silly “we want all the credit” fight seems to have erupted.

Here’s the pattern of events. First NIAC breaks a news item on their mailinglist. The resolution has been put up for a vote, some cool lawmaker just co-sponsored it, or something along those lines. Then, a few hours or days later, PAAIA does its own newsletter, restating everything NIAC already had reported, but with more flowery language – and with no mention of NIAC.

Now, last year, when this resolution was first introduced, the two groups mentioned each other and there seemed to actually have been some coordination. This year, things have changed. NIAC has made a few mentions of PAAIA, but usually credits the resolution to “Iranian-Americans” without specifying any particular groups.

PAAIA, on the other hand, makes no mention of NIAC or anyone else, and calls it the “PAAIA-initiated” resolution. All credit to PAAIA, that is.

It’s difficult to know who actually should be credited. On the one hand, all the major developments with the resolution are broken by NIAC, not PAAIA, giving the impression that NIAC is the engine behind the resolution. But on the other hand, NIAC credits the success to “Iranian-Americans” (PAAIA?), while PAAIA explicitly gives all credit to itself.

The real question is: Who gives a shit? It’s a freaking resolution – it has no relevance!

“I want all the credit” fights are legitimate when it comes to issues such as finding the cure to cancer, getting rid of the mullahs, ending poverty or programming the coolest iPhone app of all times.

Passing a Nowruz resolution does not fall in that category. It just simply doesn’t!

Rather than passing a resolution, do our community a real favor. Work together and put egos aside. Recognize the achievements of others (NIAC has a leg up here by mentioning PAAIA) and work for the greater good of our community, not your own limited interests. Nothing will give you more credit than that!

Let me end with a quote: They say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

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