No Ordinary Woman


No ordinary woman is she

Fragile and yet so strong

In her voice is heard

The wisdom of the ages


Gentle as a dove

Sweet as honey

Yet fierce as a lioness

When protecting her young


Her eyes are soft

Yet if provoked

One look can pierce

Into your very soul


Her touch is gentle

Comforting in time of need

Drying away the tears

Touching your very soul


A heart of gold

Aches when you are hurt

Kindness rules within

No one could love you more


Always there to hear

Your great joy

Your troubles too

Especially your laughter


At night when no one hears

She prays for you

“Lord please bring happiness

Safety too”


May not seem much to most

How wrong they are

She is a super woman

Brightly shining in your eyes





Dedication: Poem dedicated to all the amazing women that make sacrifices for their children on a daily basis. Alicia, mi buen amiga espero que te guste el poema. :o)



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