The tighter the better

By process of elimination IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has left no other option for the sane world but to actively confront its weaponized nuke and as a twofer its barbaric anti-human being Islamist behavior which includes raping, maiming and murdering Iranian men, women and children.

True the sane world lead by America is more concerned with the messianic Islamist savages getting their hands on nuke.  But the spike in the over a millennia old dogma based barbarism of the Islamist Rapists has helped in opening many Western eyes.

All options being on the table, as President Obama said the other day, it seems a robust effort to impose meaningful economic sanctions is underway.  

With the Ruskies and Capitalist Maoist Chinese backing IRR, the sane world has to dust- off its Polish file implementing a repeat program in Iran.    

To avoid a devastating war the barbaric Islamist Rapists are intending to impose on Iran and the entire ME region the sane world has to step in and head it off.

All other nonmilitary alternatives except airtight sanctions have been tried with no result.  

What Churchill said so many years ago about Americans has stood the test of time, lets hope it will continue to do so:   

“The Americans will always do the right thing . . . After they’ve exhausted all the alternatives.”



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