In Memmory of Ali N….. My Nephew

It was three years ago to date,  the phone call came in, a call that every family dreads ….

Call of a young man in family having been murdered, viciously and in cold blood.

The call was from my baby sister, about her son, her boy, her Ali her 27 year old soon to gbe married to his sweet heart. Her pride and joy, soon to graduate with highest degree in civil engineering from Sharif University.

Ali N. an industrious engineer, a brilliant writer, a soft spoken romantic poet. A young man with a smile that brightened life. A man with all the hopes of future gleaming in his eyes. With a soul that was bigger than this entire universe.

What do you say to a mother a sister who has lost such a boy? How do you attempt to sooth her pain? What do you say to a father who was planning his son’s wedding, who instead has to plan a funeral? What do you say to younger brother who has lost his hero, his buddy, his role model, his help and hope in future? What do you say to soon to be beautiful bride who is in black and shattered for her man?

How do you look into their eyes without breaking to pieces? How do you help a mother and a  father whose tears are dried up, their soul broken, their hearts in shreds and their lives ruined?

Ali, Daie jun, There is not a day since you have been gone that I do not feel your presence. There is not a day that goes by without us crying for your mother, you father, my sister, and my lawful bother. Only thing that helps us through is your memory, your poetry, your eloquent writings, you smiling pictures and sounds of your laughter that rings in our dreams.

Your soul was bigger than life itself, your spirit didn’t belong on this cesspool of greed, lies, deceptions and corruption called earthly life.  You went to where you belong, place where no one can hurt you again, where your soul is in peace and harmony, surrounded by beauty, love, affection and purity.

BUT you left behind a shattered mother, broken father, lonely brother, crying bride and dozens and dozens of aunts uncles, cousins and friends who miss you so dearly.

I  so miss you Ali, I so miss you, please say hello to Grand Papa.

نفرت چشمها را نزدیک بین میکند ، خشم آستیگمات
ترس آنها را پف میدهد، دروغ آنها را از حدقه بیرون میزند
پنهان کاری آنها را فراری میکند ، مهربانی آنها را چروک دار
امنیت آنها را قرمز میکند ، فاصله آنها را سفید
عشق چشمها را روشن میکند ، صبر آرام بخش
Ali N.
Saturday, October 28, 2006

Last name is being withheld to protect my sisters privacy. 

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