An open letter to all

When I was unblocked and returned to IC,  I made a pack with myself.

I asked myself, why was it that I even bother to come here in IC? I mean come on the atmosphere is not that friendly anyways. Not that I expected to be in a place where everyone agreed with me all the time  or chose me the best of this and that[and let me add myself to few others categories] and praised me for every single insignificant dribble that I typed on the thread.

I am not that naïve [stupid/delusional/narcissistic – although some may beg the differ] but some civility is expected of any community, mage na? ke begzareem………..

Only thing that I came back for [after being unblocked] was not to feed my ego, was not to type none sense after none sense and get  into debate after debate with no end. It was not to get into shouting match/name calling/ slander/ defending my character/ defaming characters of others/ calling them names / being called names/ gang up on people/ getting ganged up on etc etc etc……….

The only reason I came back [che ghalataie ezafi YT] is to do one thing and one thing only.

I am writing here and elsewhere’s to keep voices of my young sisters, my young brothers my prides and joys who are being beaten, raped, MURDERED and oppressed day in and day out in the streets, prisons and homes in Iran, alive and heard.

So I humbly beg each and everyone, who has a bone to pick with me, who has some axe to grind with me, who does not like me just because, who has an agenda other than to help the nation and country in need which is at clear and present danger of naval blockade and eventual military attack by foreign forces to refrain from distracting this humble Azari and to refrain form distracting the blogs that are specifically focused to keep my beloved nation in the forefront.

If you feel you need to call me names, just click on my account, send me an email and tell me off to your hearts content. But till such a time, let us all focus on what is at hands, the possible catastrophic consequence of naval blockade with certain pathway leading ever so clearly to an all out war on our people and on our homeland.

Your understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated.

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