Who’s to decide we are either “White”, Iranian-American, or both?

We are being encouraged to write Iranian-American on the census, instead of white! First, let’s define what white is before we go any further. White, or caucasians are the people who are supposedly have come from the caucasus mountains which bear certain physical characteristics and genetics such as the DNA of their hair, the shape of their face and so on. My purpose is not here to be too technical since this can be a road with alot of IDS.

My ancestors are from caucuses mountains and Zagros mountains. All along I believed that I was white (nothing to be proud of of or ashamed of). Speaking of kordish, they are as pure as an Aryan (caucasian) can get.

Since when an Iranian is not caucasion? Let’s not mix up the race with nationality. The kords are as pure a caucasion as caucasions can be. Infact, we are the real caucasion not so much those anglos. I am proud of my background as an Iranian regardless of the genetic make up. I am proud of my history and culture, not so much today’s. Most impotantly, I should be proud of who I am as a person. Before, I came to America in the mid 70’s I never thought about my background or anyone else’s. I always thought of people as one race. In fact, I never answered the question rearding my race. I found that offensive and racist, even though at times though cost me.

Now, some people have decided on our behalf that we have to become a minority like the mexicans, koreans, chinese, etc. so we can get some political power leading to financial gains for the community. I see this very short sighted. This is misuse of the system that has already been misued and abused. The ture minorities are native americans and blacks who have have been for generations, not the new arrivals. They are the real victims of the white discrimination and that is why the affirmative action was created. Now everyone getting off the boat or airplane from china, korea, vietnam, latin america wants the share of the pie! This is stealing from the true minorities, and it is unethical!

The minorites never feel that they are part of the main stream, and that alone might mentally hold them back from achieving their full potentials. They don’t feel that the country belongs to them as the whites do. They feel that they always have to fight for their rights. Always complaining and bahaving as victim. Sorry, I don’t need any handouts! Of course, I could have achieved even more if I were not considered to be an Iranian, but who cares – after all it is the US.

However, I know my kids with no accent would have no problem to achieve anything that is available to their white or non-white Americans friends. For me, we have to look at the impact of this decision on our future geneartions, where they wouldn’t have this problem.

I, like 60% of iranian-americans, have married to a non-iranian and my children rightfully refuse to write Iranian american, unless they add their mom’s as well. This is a very divisive and racist system that I want no part in it. If America has anything to learn from us should be not to concentrate on the race so much. If we go this route, we should have 200 categories or more.

Do the jews write jewish american? no, but they are the richest and most powerful minority-majority group. They act as one and they are proud of thier background. in fact, they use the white to mingle and get access to the white world while they help each other as non declared minority. America, should be one, and despite the mistreatment I get which is much worse than a minority, I am not willing to push myself to a political world to gain certain status. NO! I am white and I am Iranian-american, but not Anglo white, and  that remains no matter where I go! I cannot change my race as I change my nationality.

Meanwhile my kids put down Iranian- ………..- American! They are Americans, you know! This kind of behavior would only push us more in to a corner and isolation! I want my kids to stand up on their own feet without feelin any inferiority complex that comes with the minority status. 

Also, why is it so important to know how many of us are living here? How accurate that would be? If we are serious, we should act as the jews do by helping each other, not taking advatage of each other. When was the last time that any of you who could help an Iranian to get a job or promotion, you lent him a helping hand? That person who does, gains my repsect. Look how the jews bringing people from Russia, israel etc to this country and help them giving jobs and everything. Why don’t we start with that instead of the easy way of writing Iranian-American? We need a revolution in our community in becoming one.  What do you think?  

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