Mother Solton of cemetery , Nanae Soltone Ghaberestani

Her name was mother Solton and she was living in a little grave in the cemetery, I mean a little house which was build on the grave of a rich person and she used that as her house. The cemetery in our quarter was full and old and had no place for new members. Her life was very poor and her furniture was very simple. She was a woman with grey hair and very skinny. In the hot summer there was a very bad smell from the death people, may be their flash or fat were destroy under the earth and the smell was coming up. As, the Moslem put their dead people directly on the earth and not in a box. The master of that little house came out to see the sun, but the bad smell bothered her. Sorrowfully in the Moslem cemetery there is not a lot of trees or flowers or this cemetery did not have any trees or any flowers. As it was a very small cemetery in the middle of the city. She sat on a grave stone ; in the stone was written Mr. or Mrs. Who born in 19 so and died in 19 or 1800 the poor children who had nothing to do gathered around her and she told them stories. This poor gathering was always at Friday, that the children did not go to school. The people says that the person wants to do something and like it. So one day me as a child wanted to go to her and listen to her what she is telling to the children.

I forgive and forget the bad smell of the death people and or other wasted material the people through there. As the cemetery was not a nice place those days. So I tried to go there and listen to her. I was very bold and I persuade myself I will have a good time or at least interesting. I was also very curious about her and her stories. I was thirteen years old, but I was bigger and have a much better suit as the other children and so sorrowfully I was different than them, and they may not accept me or may be jealous concerning my situation. I was from lower middle class and they were poor class. So it was a will of mine. The woman was telling story to them and all children were listening very eagerly to her. All children were quite and polite. She had a wood in her hand and the children were looking at her with a lot of interest. I went to her and saluted her, she looked at me with love and interest and said sit down. I told her ; thanks I will stay here as I did not want on the floor on the skin of animals that she put there. But she told me in a very command for sit down again that I had no choice to sit and obey her command. She was not a cruel person, she was a lovely poor and old woman. The wood in her hand was just a symbol that she is like a teacher of school. She did not want to bother the children at all but some children tried to bother her. Some children are cruel from the nature.

One boy told her mother Solton where are your teeth, where did they go? And through a little stone to her one day. She replied I borrow them to Hajji Robabeh and so she needs more than me the teeth, as she has money to buy food and eat with the teeth and I do not have money to buy food, so I do not need the teeth, but she needed them. She said many years ago when none of you were in this world I had a nice life. One child said, we were not in this world, where else we were? She thought for a while than she answered you were in the back of your fathers or in the belly of your mother, or I do not know may be in the fruit on the trees. I do not know where you were. And continue I was young and beautiful and married very early. One child told her, you are so old; how you can be young and beautiful. She told him, everybody get old and ugly. You will be also in thirty years or fourty years from now old and ugly, too you do not stay always young and handsome. I will not be like you again, but you will be like me one day. Old and ugly.

So he bothered me so much that I wished he should die. She continued that he was angry because of the wound of the world. And again one child asked her what the wound of the world is. This time it was difficult for her to explain and said with a little bit anger, you do not let me to speak about my story. So the God listen to my wish and he gave his life to you and died again one of the children asked her, but he did not give me anything and if he had life he would continue to live. Another child cried who got his life. Yahya said I did not get it and I did not eat it either. This time she was impatient and cried be quite children. So he left me and so I was free. But she regret his husband and again told the children, I am also widow after him and nobody came to marry me again. May be even a bad man who bits is better than no man in my life. He bits me , but he also supported me. No man came to take me home. No one bit me anymore. The child again asked the men bit the woman? The Solton told be quite child, you are so stupid and so ignorant. But soon she regret her hard words she uttered and told the children; I do not have interest today to say a story. I do not like to speak. She took her skin of animals and went back to the little house.

The children left the place with a lot of notice, because the Solton did not tell them a story like other days. May be that was because I was there and she thought I am different than other children. Bigger and more respectful and not so ignorant like other children. I was good in the school, but they were not and they failed. So that was not a good idea also, so I went to the cinema. In those days there were no TV or other entertainment available like today. The only entertainment of us was to read a book.. Or I could go to a cinema. The cinema was expensive. It was three Toman and a good book was also three to ten Toman. And you could have it and read it and keep it. But the cinema was just for two hours and after two hours you had nothing in your hand. But with the same money you could buy the book about the same story and keep it for a long time and read it as much as you can. But that day I preferred cinema or movie and not buying a book.

Nana Solton was a little bit also crazy and she wanted to share her little place with a temporary worker, they come form the village to Tehran and work for buildings constructions. The workers have may be wife and children at home, and they come to Tehran just for work and get some money, in the time they do not have work in the village. But they are men and well come a woman in their life. And especially a free woman who is crazy like Solton and she is not also a prostitute to get money from them. She tried to keep the worker there, but the worker went back home, but she had now a big belly. She was pregnant. She was like a pregnant bear. Later the rain came in the grave building and she should go to the place inside that room, they washed the death people. Later she had born a baby in the room of washing of death. The baby was born in a place that the dead people were washed for the last time. The baby was like her and the poorness of her was also a common thing between both. The people to bother her always asked about the baby and the father of baby. Slowly she realized that the worker is the father of the baby. But the child died after few days and she got more crazy and as she saw the man, asked him with force to marry her. And cried so much that the man agreed to marry her, as he afraid if the news come to the police he will be arrested because of immorality . and he love a little bit also the Solton, so he married her and took her to his place. The house of the worker in the village was a mud house with two rooms , one of the room was rented to a widow and she was a friend of the last wife of the worker who died recently. And she liked the worker also. And she wanted to bother and tease the mother Solton. She promised herself to tease her as far as she can. She had now a house and even a tenant. Who could take her out of that house, may be only the angel of death. She was very happy now, she had a house of her own and a husband that brings money for food and clothes. She could only dream in the past such a nice life. Her furniture were an old carpet and some animal skin and few plates. In the house of man there was a water pipe and some kitchen materials that his dead wife brought for him. She used that water pipe with tobacco and she loves it very much. In the time that he came home from the village work, she gives him the water pipe ready to smoke. She sat on a corner and sees him to smoke the pipe and both of them were very happy. She was like wife and mother to him and loves him very much. She gets up very early and did the breakfast for him. And she cleaned the house and room for the husband. Before the man who his wife died, he had never had breakfast in the morning. He just eats lunch.

They were very happy now and they had nice days with each other. And they ignore and forgive the bothering of the tenant. In the time that the man was not home, the tenant bothered her a lot that she wished to die, but in the time that man came home, again everything were nice and good and she forget the time that she wished to die, because the woman bothered her so much. One time even the woman wanted to push the Solton in the well, but Solton was ran back and felt down on the floor. And she pushed back her force. If this woman was not there, the Solton was very lucky. She had few clothes or shirt with big flowers on them. In the night she could sleep in the bed with a man and her head was next to his head, she wanted only the death of the woman next door who bothered her a lot as she was very joules about her happiness. She tried to bother Solton every day and every night till the man is home. She told her, you should walk better and sit better and stand better and you are crazy and you cannot speak properly, so she teases her a lot. She makes fun of her that you walk like something is between your leg. Or if something is in your naz something like penis inside you. You should take care of your vagina and clean it with medicine and walk not so open as if a penis is in your vagina. You stand and walk so if you had ten times intercourse last nigh and your vagina is wounded by his penis. You sit as big wood is in your vagina. You speak so if you have the whole night his penis in your mouth. Your breast is so lose as he sucked them the whole night. You run so as he destroyed with his penis your vagina. So the tongue of her was like a knife which was cutting her flash. And soon she feels that it is also comes to her bones and she is trying to cut also her bones under her flash, meat. She does not let that the poor woman drink with joy a glass of water. The woman bothered her a lot, but Solton thought she should not claim to her husband and bother him also. She should manage this by herself alone.

One day she asked Solton. How many times you had intercourse last night, why did you not make any sound so I could listen also. In the time that you make intercourse why you do not cry and why you are so quite. Have you been on the top of your husband or he is always on top of you. I heard some noise in the middle of night. If you make so many fiki fiki soon you will have a child. You should not let him to push completely in side your vagina. If he is deep in you and your leg is both up, you will have soon baby. You should not bring your leg up. You should not guide his penis in your vagina. Let me see your vagina. Can I touch your vagina? It seems that the other woman needs badly sex and for this reason bothered the Solton so much. Let me touch your breasts, let me suck yours posy. Or kiss your breasts. She was crazy about sex and she could not have a husband. Solton could not tell all these conversation to her husband. Solton could not say to her, that is not your business or shut up that are my personal matters. But she make the Solton mad. She make their life like hell especially her life, because the man does not know anything about this. She was acting like a second wife of the man. And sometime she got married for few hours and brought a huge man home and make fiki fiki the whole night and she cried so much and she laughed so much in the time that they had intercourse and Solton did not say anything to her, just one time she said, may be these men have diseases; it is better that you ask them to bring a certificate from doctor than you can marry them. And the woman hits with her hand in her mouth.

Solton tried to be calm may be the problem will not get big. And one day she told her the same that is my personal matter, you should not interfere in them. And she cried what it is your personal; we live next to each other and in the same house. I should know what you are doing. You have a friend of mine as your husband. I was many years before you come I was in this house. You are new and you have to accept me as I am longer here. I pay you money ; the rent and with my money your husband buys you food and clothes. This is a big help to him, in the time he has no work, that is my money helps your. She started now to give any bad food to her like the fat of wolf or the fat of scorpion or snake or the vagina of cat. This Sakineh Baji was a woman who tried with wizard material destroys their life and her husband hates her and divorces her, so she can get him totally as she wished. She showed also sometimes her breast to the man or she does not wear a short and opened her leg that he should see her vagina which she cleaned like her face and washed it many times with hot water and soap. But the man had a wife and his wife make him happy, any time that he wants, she was opened and ready for him. So the red lips of the vagina of the other woman could not excite him any more. But she tried everything to destroy their love. Now the two women fight with each other and bit each other and pull each other hairs. And they pressed each other vaginas hard. As the Solton did not let her touch her body in peace, now in fight she tried to bit her breast and touch her vagina. Or rub her bottom hard. At the end she went to the police station and claimed that he raped her. So next day two policemen came home and took the innocent man to the jail, because she told them he raped her. Now Solton was also without husband like her and she was so happy as her husband was in jail. The poor Solton cried a lot so all neighborhoods came to her and tried to help her.

But their sympathy could not bring her husband back home. So she tried to bring her husband home and let any man sleep with her and have sex with her and may be they could help her. Now she was very angry and fight with the Sakineh , but this time she was the only one who bits and bit her with her teeth and she was so angry that the woman was trying to find another place to go out of the house. Generally the men who have sex with her did not do anything for his release , but they tried he should stay longer in the jail so they can have nice heap healthy sex with his wife. They did not trust prostitutes as they thought they have a lot of diseases. In the time her husband was in the jail, she had born a child. But this time she had borne the child in the hospital and not in the room in which death are washed. The people paid her to take care of the baby, because they thought the baby is from her husband. Soon again her belly was big again. Now she hated this type of sex. She wanted just to be her husband love and not the sex object of few men. But she did all these sex activities just because she hoped they will help her husband. Now she hated herself and she feel that she is a prostitute. She got soon sick and should go to the hospital. She was may be full of bacteria. She dream even in the hospital of her husband, even she loved in the dream her husband. That was much more nicer that the sex with other men. Now the Sakineh let her in peace, because she did what she wished. She destroyed her life. Around her in the hospital were a lot of doctors who did not respect her as they thought she is a cheap woman and also the nurses did not like her, as she was not rich. But Solton thought they are her angels. And they will help her. The young doctors without any experience were working on her as a mouse of lab and they did so many experiment of her until she was healthy again. She was released from the hospital and she had locked her room before going to hospital and the woman was there. She heard that her husband will be out of jail that day. So she took her donkey and went to the city to see her husband and bring her home with herself.

They ride both on the donkey and came to the village. But her house was damaged, it needs badly repair and they did not have money. The cemetery also was moved from the city to other place. So they had no place to stay. I was very curious to know more about her. One summer that we went to the village, we saw her with her husband. The man had lost her legs and could not walk any more and he just sit the whole day in front of the house. The Solton take care of him and bring food and water. The poor man must see that her wife make love or sex with other man and take money from them and bring food to him. They were legally divorced so she could marry for few hours other men. But in reality they were husband and wife and she loved him. She married other men just to get money to survive and help her disable real husband. So we should do for the food everything, even to live like legal prostitute. We read in the newspaper that the man has killed her wife, just because she kissed another man or just be with him for few minutes alone. But he should see her beloved wife marry another man for one day or few hours, just to buy food for him and he eats this food. He would like to kill all these men who make legal sex with his wife, but not on the paper. In reality Solton also hate herself because she should do this to help her ex husband. But that is also a sort of love that a woman for her real love sells her body legally to other people. This is also a sort of love. that you destroy your body and let other people go inside you without any love, just because you need their money for your love to feed him. The man put their hard warm penis in her vagina, but she did not feel anything, what she was thinking at that time was to bring the money for her legal work to her love, to her real ex husband.

Their love was changed in other form of love and the woman who wished that came to see her result. But she was not in a better shape. She was bitten by many men and she was now also disabled. She could walk but not properly. The Solton put with her hand food in the mouth of her love. With the money she earned from a terrible business. The children of her died, as she could not bring them on time to the doctor. They died because they cached cold. And as that time there was no penicillin they died easily. Her first child Sultan died also. And she wished at least to have one child and name him Sultan. But was it right that she bring another unhappy poor person in the world? Her pain was so much so why she wanted to have a copy of herself again. With the poor husband and without any education and expertise how can she support a child? She was also agreeing some how that is better that she has no child. A child from a disable man; and a woman who is marring different men to feed her real ex husband. She did a legal activity, but she hates herself for these legal work activities, to be the wife for few hours. And after that be free again?

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