Escape from the darkness of war 8 Love, sex and fear of death

In a nice big place which has been destroyed partly by the German bombs, two leader were sitting opposite each other. One of them was a woman who was a very high class spy and the other one was a French general. The woman was in the man clothes in such a professional way, that everybody thought she is a man. She was one of the most important people who was leading England in France and cooperating with the fee French organization. The young woman had a lot of experiences from other country and now she was working in France to destroy the Hitler. The white blond silver hair of her was on her forehead in a very nice position. May be in her mind she also could imagine the nice cog tail parties the owner of the palace did before. She cut her hair like a man, but still she looked like a very handsome young man.

The woman was living in France for a long time, but she was a daughter of an important Lord from Britain and now she was speaking with a huge powerful French general who was bold and intelligent.  The young woman liked a huge powerful man like the general they were complete each other and they were opposite each other in the character, but in one matter they agreed totally with each other and that was how they can destroy Hitler fast and with less damages for their countries. Britain and France both were in classic war with Germany, Italia and Japan. The woman was a nice master work of God, beautiful, fast brave and bold and the general was almost with the same character only he was a male. They complete each other. She was a piece of fire and she wanted to do the most important dangerous activities. The general looked among the papers with his powerful hands, but something strong and strange was destroying the young woman also. She does not see the table any more that the general was trying to find another documents, but she was looking at his hand and wished that hands were around her body. She has forgotten that she came there for another mission. Namely to cooperate with general free France army to fight against Hitler. Soon her resistance would be broken and she may be would start to kiss the handsome general. The general was speaking very simple, but the young woman had another plans now in her mind. They were looking together to a plan which now was on the table and both of them were looking starring on the plan, so their head came closer and closer to each other heads and in one moment her forehead touched the head of general. She was warm and after having no men for a very long time, for the first time she feels the warm skin of the general forehead. She was shivering from the emotion and brought her head with interest closer to the head of general.

Now they were full of love for each other; for of emotion, both of them had no contact with opposite sex for a very long time. Now they see each other two perfect persons as they were matched for each other, both intelligent beautiful and handsome, powerful and in good condition, both ambitious and been in the top secret positions, both of them from rich powerful families. They need love badly, why they should always spend time for war and destroying, they could spend their valuable time also for love. These were questions in their minds. They forget their missions and they were surrendered by love and sex. They bowed themselves on the table more to see more about the plan, but they touched each other more and more and now their bodies were hot with love and sex. Their love desire were making them hot and interesting. They both pretend to see the map or the plan and in reality, they enjoy each other warmth bodies and breaths. They were cheating their own minds that they are looking at the plan. Both of them tried to control their bodies and their speaking. At the end they proud to be quite were closing to break, and instead to completing the plan, they were showing more interest about each other. The desire of killing or the desire of sex or love, which one is more important for them now.

They were like two thirsty persons who see now a lot of nice clear cold water. Their voice changed and they looked to each other now with a lot of love and sex, like two cats male and female. They could not control themselves any more, soon they would be just like slaves or their sex and love. The young woman in the uniform of a man, was losing her control about her body. Her body desire was forcing her to kiss the man. Now she could not even think about the dangerous situation and war, she was just thinking about the fire in her body. Her hot and very wet vagina and her breasts which were ready to be sucked and pressed by the hands and lips of a man were forcing her to do something. Her whole body was in motion and her emotional desire over come her control.  She is not only the device for the war and its guidance; her body needs also sex and love. The control of their bodies soon will take an end and they will be for themselves there and not for the war Hitler started. They stand up again and looked in each other faces. Both of them were now full of love and sex.   The beautiful intelligent and powerful woman stands in front of the general and both were looking in each other as they were hypnotized to each other beauty. They tried for the last time to be cool and they did not to break the rule and regulation of the war and were proud of their high position. But the woman did herself very wet and her short was so wet that the smell of her juice came out. The penis of general was also very big and hard like wood and the woman through herself in his arm and put her leg between his legs and touched the hard penis with her soft leg. After touching his penis, the woman gets back and waited for his action. Now that was the general who was like an idiot of love and sex, he forget all his rang and position and like a slave of sex, took off his coat  and now that were their hearts which bit like a big pumps and send the hot blood with a lot of sex bacteria every where of their bodies. General hands were touching her body and take off her clothes, now instead of man a woman appear in the underwear of a woman. He took the woman who was now like a piece of fire in his arms and pressed her in his chest. Any time the fire of her love could burns the general. They went to each other arms and kissed each other with opened mouths and sucked their tongues and lips as they were small babies who sucked her mother breast.

They were asking and crying each other help to destroy their bodies and make their fire off. They get hotter and hotter and they need now more as just kissing and sucking their mouths and their breasts. They were shivering in each other arms from love and sex and both of them were wild for acting the complete sexual activity.  The woman for one moment thought that she came there for another propose ,but soon the love power over take all her mind under control.   Now her breast, and her vagina were giving her commands and not her mind and her intellect.  Her vagina command her to take his penis in her hand and press it and play with it until the general gets wilder and take off all his clothes and her clothes off from their bodies. They kissed each other bodies and the woman sucked general breasts so hard that he was almost cried from joy. The general tried to take off all clothes prevented their love action and covered the places which should be now open and free. General was kissing her body like a wild man and she said if she should take off her short. And the general took off her short and now her hot wet vagina was ready to take his penis inside.  His penis was also ready for attack, but he preferred to delay it. So the woman asked him may I guide your penis in my vagina, she cannot wait any longer. She is so wet and so hot that is making mad, if you do not let me to guide your penis inside her. General said, o , yes you can do it. The woman lied down on her back and put her leg as up as she could and opened herself so wide and took his penis with her hand and tried to guide his penis inside her wet, hot vagina. The penis slide in her and goes all the way inside her and she filled a warm hard penis inside her, until close to her belly and she cried form joy and sex. She told the general he should move and take the penis out of the vagina and slide it again and again and faster and faster, but the general was so happy to be inside the warm vagina that he forget that she like the movement. So she started to move in the time that she was under the body of general.

Outside of the palace the shooting of guns and bombs were heard now very clearly. It comes closer and closer but our love maker did not notice any more what is happening around them. The German soldiers are coming and they killed the two guards of the palace who were out side of the house. Now our lover were busy with their love action and out side was killing and destroying.  With the sound of the bombs the young woman afraid and wanted to stand up, by now the general now like an iron man captured her totally and did not let her to move and stand up. Suddenly the soldiers of German army came into the palace and were searching everywhere and killed the servants of the house.  A German soldier with his boots break the door and came inside the room of general and his new love. The big young soldier cried so hard and both of them necked were amazed and were like dead or like the people who get lightening. The whole love and sex has gone in a moment from the mind and bodies and fear of death replaced it. The young woman now was trying to hide herself in his arm and he was afraid like a man who sees fired burning him from many side and he has no way free to run away. The soldier came closer as his machine gun was ready to fire. He took his powerful arm up and slapped on the check of general and later another one to he check of the woman.  Both of them could not move, as they were also necked. They were full of fear and shy. They now he will kill them in few seconds. The plans were on the table and they were acting love near the table. The German soldier found them in a terrible situation and took all their plans in his hand. They thought soon their machine guns will destroy their bodies. The breast necked of the woman shivered and her breath was hot ,but this time not with love and sex, but fear of death. In the soldier mind was this plan, to kill the man rape the woman. The soldier came closer and took his uniform and take off one of his medal and through it on the floor, the general was a big man and very fast, in this moment that the young soldier was playing with his medals, he gets time to take his gun. He wanted to shoot the soldier but a machine gun was fired and he lost the gun again. Another soldier who was coming also in the room fired the general gun. He cried kill them, or they will kill you. The general this time was full of anger and his face was red like a red apple. So they were in the hand of German soldiers, because they used their time for having sex and love. And now both of them were very upset that they could not control themselves and came to the dead position by their stupidities. Now they regret if they were wiser and did not go after love in that hard situation, they were in a much better position. Now they with their high position were surrendered by simple soldiers, they were general and commandants, and now they were simple prisoners in the hands of simple German soldiers. In the other side the beautiful woman was lying on the floor like a female monkey, who was in the high point of sex and now everything changed. The woman who many lovers wanted to speak now was like a poor prisoner there. If she did not see in the general a man who reduced her sex like a pile, she would not be in this situation , she could use her guns as she was much faster than simple soldiers and she could bit them and even take their machine guns from their hands. She was very well trained sport woman. In a normal condition she could fight with more than ten person in the same time. She was fast and very strong. But because of situation, she was like a poor bird in the hand of a cat. Both of them were very upset for their action. Their uniform were on the floor and their underwear were also close to them, but the soldiers now would fire them, if they move a little bit only. They afraid from them also, because they know that they are well trained officers with high rank. 

It was late and now both of them with a lot of secret plans were in the hands of German soldiers. And any moment if they feel danger from their side, they could kill them with their machine guns. The German soldiers were also aware that if they make a little bit mistake these well trained officers will take over easily. The general was a huge man and the woman was also a very well trained officer. The soldiers knew that, in any moment the situation can change. And the general and the young woman will attacked them as soon as they have a chance. The beautiful body of the woman on the floor necked was very tempting for the young soldiers who did not see a necked woman for a long time. But they know if they go after love or sex or the beauty of the woman they will be dead soldiers in a moment. Wilhelm shoot one time and they know they are ready to shoot again. If they were not so curious, they could kill them and get free, but they were also proud and they thought they can handle it and they can keep them alive until German officers arrive. So he asked general who are you. From their uniform he knew they should be high officers, but still wanted to know exactly who are they?  General was very angry, because of the emotion of love, he came to this position.  If he does not answer, they may kill him. The general told him , the commandant general G.  the soldier laughed and said you are the commander of this woman, too.  I saw you were action a performance of sex or not? It was a very bad words , but he could not act any more, he was surrendered. Now they make fun of them. Now the lover of war and they laughed louder and louder. What a good commander. A commander of vaginas. Do you have a lot of beautiful women like this under yours?

General was angry and shouted shut up. The soldier came closer and bit him. So general thought it is better to be quite and think a little bit more. Their stupidity brought them in this situation and all people in the palace have been killed because they were not careful. He had a hope to escape. His big head with his grey hair was down now , and he was thinking what he can do. Suddenly the German soldiers decided to kill him as they afraid he will take over and with a quick action he could take their machine guns. So they shoot him, his big body necked felt down and blood covered the floor. Wilhelm came closer and moved his face, he was dead. Wilhelm said if we did not kill him, he could have a heart attack, as he was very angry. So the life is so short and from one moment to another moment from the high position you can come to lowest position. To be with a nice intelligent, powerful, beautiful woman who was like a treasure, he came down to a prisoner in the hands of simple soldiers who did not respect him at all, as he was in a performance of sex activities.  Wilhelm said we should inform the colonel fast. He through the uniform to the woman to cover her body and looked at the papers on the table and he thought they are love letters. They thought the woman is a prostitute and not an important person, so they ignored her. And she was upset that the soldiers were so impolite and so indifferent to her, but she was happy, too as a cheap prostitute she could flee easier. The soldiers did not want to make love with her, as they thought the prostitute may have diseases and leave her alone to go.  The woman was half in sleep and half alive. Fear and shy destroyed her a lot. The soldiers wanted to take the general to the colonel and ask him what they should do with his body. So they take his uniform and covered him and took him to the colonel.  He was walking in his room and thinking about a man who fly an airplane in to the British camps; he wanted to do something that the two relatives, two Aryan races stop war with each other.      The colonel was very intelligent. His big forehead tells us that he is smart. He was upset that one of his personnel flied to the British campus.  Hitler’s officers were cruel or human. Some of them had the both characters. The power for the Aryan race was in the head of most Hitler ‘ officers. They were also after name, money, and power plus nice woman for fun. The colonel heard a voice and he returned and saw his soldier Wilhelm was standing there.   The soldiers told him what has happened. His uniform was full of medals. He looked at his medals and said , you can burry him. Wilhelm went to his friends back and they buried him and after that he went back to the palace to see is the prostitute woman is still there. The palace was completely empty now.

After a short time the woman was alive and could feel herself. She wears her clothes as a man again and after a while her eyes could see in the dark around herself.  She was full of fear and the whole joy has gone from her mind. Her dreams were in front of her eyes. She did not clearly that general had been killed. So she called him few times, and did not get any answer. Now she remembered that she got a slap from the soldier and was unconscious for a while.  She was upset and angry, too. She stand up and adjust herself see around herself. The love , hate and sex was mixed in her mind. All the fire could destroy her easily. Hurried she gathered the important papers and after she wear her clothes left the place this time very carefully. She was upset, her love was killed so fast, she wanted a love and the soldiers destroyed it. She was very mad of the situation and wanted badly to take a huge revenge from them.  She lost her love , her proud, but still she had her life and they did not kill her.

The colonel after sending Wilhelm out, thought may be the French general is still alive. So he sent some soldier to bring him or his body back to his room. He thought may be he is unconscious. The other soldiers brought his body to him. He poured a big pot of water on the general, but the general did not move. He called the doctor to come and see if he is still alive. He tried to listen to his heart and see if his noise are working. But the doctor came in and carefully examined him and told the colonel he is dead. The colonel asked for Wilhelm, but the soldiers could not find him easily. He was very upset. As soon as they find him, they brought him to colonel. And he asked the soldiers to tell the whole story.  They thought the general was in that room to make some sex with a prostitute and the situation showed so that they are right. But colonel said they were planning there. And the woman was not a prostitute, she was a top secrete agent of Britain. He told to the soldiers they cheated you, they pretend to make sex to fool you and you thought she is a prostitute. But they were acting as sex performances to fool all of you. You lost one the most important spy with a lot of information. She pretend that she is prostitute. she was not she was very important for the Hitler. But now she has gone, next time be more careful and do not be fool by seeing a sex performance. The general again is buried.

The woman flee and she went to a friend house and from there she went to another duty and she also flee form the death and the darkness of war in that area.

Escape from the darkness of war. 9

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