Section 10 of flee from darkness. The last part

Section 10 of  flee from darkness.


In that night the Michel was coming from the village to his city. The city was not in a normal condition. The Army of Hitler was everywhere. He want home, but his house was destroyed by Hitler’s bombs. As he saw the dead body of his mother , he was more upset. He took his mother’s body and put her in the basement of the house. And left the house in which he could not live any more. He found the head of his group of soldiers and he was shoot badly and was going to die soon. He should take his place as he was his assistant. His sister is coming to him also as her house is damaged also. His other brother was killed also. The sister told him that the brother was injured and he hurried to see his brother, but as he reached him, he died. Michel was going to be mad soon, so many problems and difficulties came to him at once. So he flee and hide himself to gather his people again and organize them for fighting. They need money, guns and food.  The French prostitutes help people a lot and a lot of French soldiers or partisans were helped by them and their organization.  Before Clara take a place of leading, their leader was a woman named Helen. After she died, the people called Clara also Helen as she was very good and organized them very well. Helen invited a lot of German officers and soldiers to her bar and give them a lot of French wine. They had a plan for them ,but colonel who is very smart knew about the plan and rescue a lot of them and later the British Royal Air Forces bombed them and killed a lot of them, in the time they were half drunk in a huge bar there. In this bombarding a lot of French women who were mostly prostitutes were also killed for their country. Helen the head of them was killed in this attack.  Clara a German intelligent woman who hated the general choose to be leader of them and the people think she is the second Helen as they were also very similar to each other. I am trying to summarized the story and get to its end. If I would write the whole story of them, it would be much more pages which I should black them. That means I should write more pages for you. Clara and her brother stay honest to Germany and did not work against German people. Clara wanted to kill the general and as her brother told her, the German army will suffer, she delayed her revenge from general. First Clara wanted with the help of Karl Otto give a plan of German munitions to the Michel or Henry, but later they changed their mind as they did not want to harm German Army. Mary the sister of Michel was raped by general so she got so upset that in the time she could kills the general with a knife which she pushed in his heart and the very evil general was killed, because he misused women as a sex object and he raped a lot of them.


The colonel replaced him and in the war between German and French,  he tried to captured them and not kill them. Clara helped the German this time to win, as her brother was the commandant and not the evil general. The German won at the beginning and Karl Otto and Clara helped the colonel a lot, but he was a nice man and not a cruel person like General Herr Fritch. Hitler got now France, Austria and a lot of other European countries under his control, but he wanted more and more. Britain was fighting against Hitler and also helped other countries to fight against him. Marshal Romel brought a lot of respect for Hitler, but Romel was a nice person and not a mad man like Hitler.  He fight like a man and he was respected by even his enemies. So as Hitler thought he is the best and he is God, he could not see the more beloved personnel in his army or in the world so he killed one of the best marshal and a great general. The dictator are sometime so stupid that they destroyed their best people and the people who help them to be in the top. Hitler the mad man killed a lot of nice people who wanted to be just human and not a robot for him. At the end even Hitler should flee from the darkness of war which he produced.


After a while France and other countries won the war and through or released the Hitler army in the sea.  Hitler the man who came from nothing to the top and was the most important person for a while came back to nothing again. The fight of the people who were fighting for freedom destroy Hitler machine of war. For example Henry or Michel were so strong in their will that all the losing did not effect them to give up and they tried again and again until they won completely. They give us a lesson that we should not run away and should resist until we go through. Even if the opposite power was an evil power like Hitler, they did not lost their hope or we should not hope our hope. The cruelty of general Fritch at the end burned him, too and the people who were tired of his cruelty killed him. Clara, Karl Otto and colonel were also good example for us, they did not destroy other people in the time they had power, but they tried to do their job in a humanity form. And at the end they rescued from darkness or war. If you see in Germany now nice people, they are the people who were not cruel in the time of war. ( the story is written few years after second world war, the war condition was in the society of Germans) Clara and Otto get a command to go to Italy and in the time they were there, the war was coming to its end. The colonel went to Germany and stayed there, and Hitler was reaching his end of his life. Every body was tired of the war especially from the stupidity of Hitler.  The people were not released from the First World War and now they had another one. That is modern world which create modern war. If the people are clever they will never start a war, the war cannot solve the problem only brings more problems. Only some business people have huge benefits of war. They people who produce war materials and their insurance companies which because of war want huge amount of money should pay by different huge companies and the price of everything goes up and they make much more money. If the people love each other and respect each other we will have not  so many crazy wars. If we listen to Christ Love each other as I loved you, no body will go under a flag of a cruel murderer any more.


Why we have the people like Hitler or …so they kill millions of people for their fun. Are they guilty or their society is guilty? The indifferent cruel society produce the people like Hitler very easy.  If the society is based on love and just, we will not have the people like Hitler. We are all human being, why we should not be nice to each other and help each other so far we could. As the Christ told us. Go with the people they need you, give to the people if they need. But sorrowfully these nice commands are misused or is not performed. The God will that we should love each other and live in peace and brotherhood and not kill each other.  Our life is short and any day we can die. Or even if we live hundred years at that time we die any way. We do not live here for ever or for a long time. But only for a short time. Any moment we can die. We are all the children of death. Why we should be than cruel? The power, money and life all of them can be finish one day. So we should be happy and make other people also happy. Children should try to make parent happy and parent and teacher should try to make children happy. Love should be there and not hate and indifferences.   The children should be loved and trained very well, as if they misused, later the whole world will suffer.  If Hitler was trained as a child with love and respect and possibilities , may be we would not have millions of people be killed by his commands and billions of dollars have been lost by his stupidities. 


If we have power, we should not forget our friends in need. The love will keep us growing.  If the children get love, they will produce love later, too. ( not be spoiled) but if a child has always difficulties and hate in the childhood, he/she may be will change to a cruel personnel. The parent, people, society, teachers are responsible for the education of children. They should prepare the education for all children, rich or poor, intelligent or less intelligent. You are responsible against God. You cannot ignore or be indifferent with the education of all people and all children in the whole world. The children stay later in the life and they will be parents and teachers, if they are not well trained how can they be useful?  If you train a small tree ; it will be Ok, but if it is a huge tree, you cannot do anything any more. No child is born nice and friendly or cruel and murderer. That is you who train them good or bad. We all should live in the light of peace and science and love. and not in the darkness of war and hate and dislike. The life of people like Hitler should be an example for us and we should not train the people like Hitler any more. My dear friend, you are all should be nice and friendly and go a positive way. Do not be cruel if you see cruel people or even if the society is cruel to you or the people are cruel to you. Stay loving and nice. They will shy one day. Love and be friendly to all people and do not forget that we die one day, soon or late but sure; nobody can flee of death. Do not be indifferent and help as far as you can. All of us who flee from the darkness or war should gather together and build a nice life for every body. So we can live in peace and light.


All of you who escape from the darkness of war, be together and stay in love and peace.  The greed should be killed and pure love should replace it.


The man who flee from the darkness of war, went to Switzerland and lived there with peace with his children. All the personnel in this story who were nice and friendly have been rewarded and the cruel people like Hitler have been burned and destroyed.


Be aware of the luck of other people and think about happiness of your friends ,too. The war does not mean nice golden uniform with music and cheer. War mean dead , injured people and destroyed building,  children without fathers or mothers, mothers without children or dead children. Burned houses and factories and dead animals or burned agricultural activities. The war is just for defending not for attach and destroying. The dead of people and the suffering let for mothers and fathers is not replaceable. So the root of war and hate should be destroyed. The story of Clara, Karl Otto and colonel or general is a mirror for us, we should lean from their lives. If you love beautiful red or white flowers, can you think about cruelty also in that time? Selfishness should die in us. And we should not kill a lot of people for our benefits or our fun. The war comes from anger, if we are nice we cannot kill anger in the society. You clergy people you should be extra nice and friendly and help the people as far as you can and you should not go after money and power as if you believe in God you should serve just him and not the Satan in the same time. If you are the light of religions, you should not be cruel or selfish or greedy. If you have money, you have to spend for people and not gather it for the next world. If you believe in the next world over there you do not need money at all, why you save so much money in the banks?  You are the teacher of society, if in the society are stupid people or the people who use drug or they are not educate you are responsible, because you believe in God and not in greed ,money or power. You should support the victims of the society and not be indifferent to them. If a war start, you will be burned with it and the fire will not recognize you any more. Love stay for ever, Just dose not die, buy if you are greedy and lover of power or money, you will be destroy soon or late. Just should be there and every body should have the possibilities to grow; that is for your safety, too.  The people will returned against you if they know you have cheated them and with the name of religion or God you took their wealth and use it for your sexual activities or for fun.  If you are cruel or indifferent, the people will know it soon and they will act against you. The people will kill you one day, if they can. You cannot force the people to love you, but if they feel you love them, they will also love you. The people who are stupid can also be against you very easily. 


The cruelty brings the young people to fight or they get indifferent and try drugs. Both of them are not good for your safety. Every body respects the love and needs love. Come on ; our  country is destroyed; our country  is damaged because of war ;  you should build a huge loving country, a country of love and respect and love for God. The people after a bitter hateful war should have the sweetness of love and peace. You cannot even fight with a cat if he cannot run away stay and fight with you. You should try your people be first in science and culture or humanity in the world, than your religion is the right one. I hope you get a nice lesson from the war and will work for peace. So I can say if you are working for just that no Hitler will emerge again, all people like Hitler will be in the sea of love and they will love the people as nice people.  Your clergy people who pretend to love God and Christ, and you pretend that you do not love greed power or money; if you do not pretend and if you are honest in your words and actions. I can cry there will be no Hitler in the whole work any more. If you serve for science and love the whole world will be paradise and you will be the good example for the whole world, president or dictators or kings, and leaders of the world. The selfish people want to be leader, because they can take more money for himself. For this reason many people they want to be leaders. But if the leader work for the people and not for the money the thinking will be changed and not every body wants to be kings, leaders or president.

As I told you all these story has been written by a boy of thirteen years old and around 1954

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