5 Iranian girls competing in Miss World Canada 2010

There are 5 Iranian girls competing in the Miss World Canada 2010. The winner will go on to represent Canada in the Miss World 2010 later on this year.

They are:

Neda Derakhshanfar http://www.beautiesofcanada.com/2010/neda.htm

Aylar Macky http://www.beautiesofcanada.com/2010/aylar.htm

Golnaz Harandi  http://www.beautiesofcanada.com/2010/golnaz.htm

Paniz Yousefzadeh http://www.beautiesofcanada.com/2010/paniz.htm

Sanaz Beikoghly Ardebili http://www.beautiesofcanada.com/2010/sanaz.htm

The Miss Canada World event takes place from June 7-14 at MTCC in Toronto.

Good luck to them all.

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