U.S. Military Still Lying About Special Forces Night Raid in Afghanistan

But go back to the Feb. 12 NATO press release, still posted on the web. Not only was it claimed that the women were already dead when U.S. Special Forces arrived on the scene, it was claimed that they were “tied up” and “gagged.”

Even if one were to accept the claim that the U.S. Special Forces could not distinguish between women that they had killed and women who were already dead when the raid began, presumably it does not require advanced medical training to distinguish between a corpse which is “tied up” and “gagged” and one which is not. Either they were or “tied up” and “gagged” or they were not. If they were not, then the claim that they were was a lie, and some human being made up that story, and presumably that story was made up to obscure the fact that the women were killed by the U.S. Special Forces. And I would imagine that if one were to ask 100 disinterested observers selected at random, all 100 would say that the fabrication of such a story, which was subsequently released by NATO as official information, would constitute a “coverup.”

If you don’t want your tax dollars spent murdering Afghan civilians, tell Congress.


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