Why support monarchy if the facts are against it??

This is to those that support monarchy in Iran. After knowing it failed miserably, and it was overthrown, why do you support it?? Are you really so self centered and pathetic, that you decide to live in a dream world, and deny the truth spat right in your face?? Are you proud of all the Iranian women that worked in brothels and drugged up with opium and narcotics, for the shah to sell as sexual luxury to Europeans and Westerners? Are you proud of the fact that Amnesty International ranked Iran as the worst violator of human rights from the period of 1975-1976?? Is this not an indicator that left to the revolution that shortly came about?? If the revolution occured, then why do you support monarcy?? (doesn’t sound logical if you ask me!!)

So answer me this questions, with all these obvious flaws, the rampant unemployment, the fascist imposition of Persian nationalism upon the multitude of Iranian minorities. The lack of support for housing, electricity, gas, water, and basic human rights deprived in many of Iran’s provinces. Why do you guys support such a terrible corrupt regime, especially one that stole billions of dollars and fled the country, only to have it set up for an 8 year long decade war to wipe out its people, its culture, and its perseverance.

Answer me these questions, if you can. If not cease to use your non-existant beliefs or opinions, that lack any slight bit of logic or rational, with very little value or moal if any.

Also if you claim you care about Iran so much, why don’t you go to the poor regions like Hormozgan, Baluchistan, Golestan, and Western Azerbaijan, and start helping those poor needy civilians that lack basic water, electricity, gas, and other basic rights?? The basij and the Islamic Republic of Iran, spends a lot of money and time, especially with Ahmadinejad in power, compared to the previous presidents who spent less in these areas. So insetad of criticizing and attacking Dr. Ahmadinejad, the basij, and other people who dedicate their time and energy into supporting the poor, improving Iran’s technology, science, sports, literature, music, and culture, why do you just sit in your homes, and talk all day??

It shows where they stand, and where you guys stand, it shows who cares, and who puts their back to their own nation. Cowards is  what all you are 🙂

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