Delara Darabi, case perspective

This goes to you “human activists” that think Delara Darabi’s execution was “wrong”.

Let me point out something, this case is an interesting one in the IRI.

Delara and her boyfriend, both were convicted for murder and theft of her father’s female cousin. The theft part had to do with stealing the victim’s gold.

Now for those of you that believe, she shouldn’t have been arrested and tried, or her and her boyfriend for that matter. Let me ask you this… for those of you that didn’t find them guilty…

How would you like it, if a relative of yours was murdered to death, or murdered during a robbery or some kind of dispute or situation, and the murderer or murderers got away with it?? How would you feel about that?? Wouldn’t you want that person or persons tried?? For the guilty crime they committed?? Don’t you guys believe in an eye for an eye??

So give me your thoughts, try to be as rational as possible… because if you were the victim’s family, I’m sure you would have wanted Darabi and her boyfriend persecuted, executed, or imprisoned in some way shape or form.

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