Iranians fooling themselves

There is no question about the foreign policy of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic as being Palestine-centric. That is the primary aim of the Islamist Rapists as stated on numerous occasions by their leaders is to free Palestine from “occupation”.

Helping the Palestinian Arabs with all the resources the Iranian treasury and arms manufacturing has to offer has been a hallmark of  IRR from day one they came to power.

As a matter of fact the very first visiting “head of state” to newly installed IRR was none other than Yasser Arafat who promptly opened the Embassy of Palestine in Tehran and not that much later sided with Arab brother Saddam in his invasion of Iran.

Now fast forward to a press conference given today by the foreign Minister of a flyspeck of a country established in 1971 which is making a claim on Iranian territories with historical record of Iranian ownership of the territories going back to antiques. Here is what the Gentleman said:

“As an Emirati, it is normal that I should be… more sensitive about an occupied part of the UAE than other Arab territories. Otherwise, one would be fooling himself,”

In other words, the none-Arab Iranians who have been forced by IRR to go without to pay for arms and living expenses of the Arab Palestinians and others are doing what an Arab would not do and considers fooling oneself. Ain’t IRR grand.

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