Enemies of the IRI

1. Monarchists- got their butts overthrown, puppets that exploited the nation for many many decades

2. MKO- got their butts killed, hate the IRI, claim their communist, support a fascist (Saddam Hussein)

3. Tudeh and other communist parties- conflicting views via economics and the degree of theocracy

4. Westerners- trying to secuarlize Iran, with an extreme group within them trying to destroy Islam within Iran

5. Materialist Muslims- often the most dangerous of the enemies of the IRI, a group that conflicts with the IRI simply because the IRI supports the poor, and doesn’t focus on their materialist issues

6. Bahais- try to creat fitnas within the Muslim community and try to convert Muslims and destroy Islam via indirectly

7. Christian Armenians and Christians of alike- while some mind their own business, others try to convert Muslims, and when they do, they get hanged as it’s an IRI, not a CRI.

8. Zionist Jews- Jews from Israel, who want Iran destroyed, and will laugh at the countless number of Iranians that are willing to help them destroy the IRI, and eventually laugh at how their own people will be affected in the process

9. Ethnic separatists- groups that want to establish their own separate states. Some within a federation with separate local and govt. laws, others who want to separate as a whole.

10.  Dissenting clerics (can be anything, literally) i.e. Rafsanjani, Karroubi, Khatami, or anyone else, that opposes Ahmadinejad or other real Muslims on many levels, on levels that are simply outrageous, want power for themselves, meanwhile they themselves never help the poor or can careless, and are more concerned with their own popularity matters.

11. Pedophiles, homosexuals, drug addicts (not as much anymore), gangs, mafias, smugglers and others that create moral problems, and social problems within the IRI.

11. Last but not least the Green Movement, the movement that merges all of the above, and any other enemy of the IRI, that was not mentioned above. The movement that came with the conception, that all that oppose the IRI, must unite and become one, and give it a long lasting civil war, to fight it to the end, and once that end arrives. The IRI will not only be destroyed (assuming such an event existed), but the very lives of the Iranians that supported it, or didn’t take part in it, or opposed it, will be destroyed as well.





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