Shohreh Agdashloo, Golshifteh Farahani, Googoosh, do not represent Iran, they now represent the U.S.

While these people, have significant popularity outside of Iran, and to some extent inside the country, they are not mouth pieces for the Iranian people. I credit Googoosh, for at least, trying her best in most situations to avoid, being a political mouth piece for Iranian people, as she herself even knows, that the majority of Iranian people, are Muslims, and can handle her own affairs. The only time someone or something pushed her to speak, is when idiots like Shohreh Solati try to say that Googoosh lives off the fame of Iranian people, and has no respect for them, and people should hate Googoosh unless she becomes a mouth piece for the Green movement, which unfortunately, she did end up for a brief amount of time, after several singers and diaspora morons, kept harrassing her and insulting her. This person (Googoosh) although lives a western life, I’m sure realizes deep down, that the Iranian people have picked their path, and I’m sure inside she herself respects their decision, although her life is different from that of the ordinary Muslim hard working Iranian.

But aside from that, some people are not willing to let go. You have someone like Shohreh Agdashloo, who now plays roles of Muslim women being stoned or oppressed, or playing roles that involve middleasterners as terrorists or as evil people. I think by doing this, Agdashloo and other Iranians, Middleasterners alike, have made themselves look like clowns in front of the Western people. The people of th West are not laughing at Iranians in particular, they are also laughing AT THE IRANIANS, and other middleasterners who play roles of Muslims as terrorists, Muslims as despicable and evil human beings. Because in their heads they say, “These people are so pathetic and low, that they make a living off insulting and making fun of values, customs, and the cultures of their own people”.

Now recently I see this Golshifteh Farahani and this freedom talk. While millions of Iranians in Iran, are working their butts off, living their daily lives, happy with their country, trying to make it progress, get better and stronger each and everyday. Morons like this actress think they can serve as a mouth piece of the Iranian people, she if anything maybe represents the urban elite of Tehran, who only think for themselves, and can careless about the working man of Iran, the Muslim culture of Iran, and everything else that goes with it. While people like her talk about freedom this and freedom that, they do not care for the poor, they never help the poor of Iran, they leave the country to make more money, have a bigger house, a better car, and a western life style. If anything, they should keep their mouths closed, and mind their own business. If you are not going to help Iran, please don’t speak for Iran. 

The moral of the story is, the people who demand “Freedom for Iran” are the same ones that are willing to take it from 65% of the Iranian people, and live off their materialistic and greedy lifestyles, while the rest starves to death, and don’t get any social support, and end up becoming ruthlessly exploited by these urban elite wherever they are be it in North Tehran, or shouting from Beverly Hills. 

I’m sure if all these morons sold their BMW’s, extra houses, boats, excessive trivial goods, and gave it to the Iranian people. I’m sure poverty in Iran would be at 0%, instead they live their lavish lifestyles, and couldn’t give a squat about the Iranian people, for they are now westerners.

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