Do you miss Bush yet?

As time passes and the urgency of the sane world to do something about the wholly illegal behaviors of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic becomes ever apparent to even the former skeptics, one cannot resist the urge to pose the question, do you miss Bush yet?

That is GW Bush, the former President of U.S. who used to be the darling of the Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies. Yes you heard it right among all those who disliked his policies or even hated him for number of reasons, some legitimate, despite professing to the contrary the triumvirate loved the man.

If it was not for Bush the tight situation that the Islamist Rapists are now in would have been happening few years back and they have the former president to thank for the delay.

Back then all the Islamist Rapists and assortment of their lobbies had to do was to blame everything on Bush and the sad thing was they had an international audience who for other reasons like Guantanamo and alike were amenable to that nonsense. The reasoning went this way, out of fear of Bush’s “regime change” policies the Islamist Rapists raped Iranian men, women and children.

When they ramped up the routine Islamist savagery of publicly flogging Iranians, the lovelies blamed Bush for it. So it went for all the other criminal behaviors of the Islamist Rapists, be it their habit of stringing up Iranian men and women en mass and in public or their illegal weaponized nuke, Bush made them do it.

Only if Bush would agree to talk to the Islamist Rapists the world would find out IRR is “pragmatic” and not rigidly messianic. Only if Bush would allow it the indigenouse democracy movement will workout and tame the Islamist Rapists.

But now that Obama who the lovelies were openly rooting for has called their bluff and things have not turned out to their liking, the triumvirate is in a tight spot.  They can’t blame IRR’s criminal activities on him as they did with Bush, so again, do you miss Bush yet?

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