Pro Israeli groups to march against Obama in NYC

    Pro Israeli hawks and Wall street wolves are ganging up against Barak tomorrow in NYC their strong hold!   

     What do you think they demand from one of the most intelligent and decent presidents this country has ever seen?! Let me guess. The former wants undisputed ownership of middle east from Nile to Euphrates and the latter demands the continuation of “private profits and socialized losses”! Have they no shame?! Greed is what these two groups have in common! So is their membership. surprise, surprise!
Listen to the video link above. Ed Koch (former NYC mayer) talks as if Obama owes him something. He still claims Israel is he only ally US has in middle east and an asset! The poor fellow is losing it!
He certainly has missed the memo. The one that says Israel is no more an asset post cold war but a liability for United States in middle east as evident from recent statements by General Petraus and others. Eddy is very saddened by the fact that in his recent visit Netanyahu was treated “like a third world tyrant”  by Obama! I’d say god bless. He deserved it. Evidently Obama broke their meeting and goes upstairs to have dinner with family and leaves Bibi (Netanyahu) to feed on his own hubris! 🙂 Later Bibi leaves US without any photo ops or hand shake or kisses and hugs!
Cry me a river! He should have learned by now who is the boss!
Please voice support for Barack in his battle against shameless greed, hubris & injustice!

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