Sanctions mean war. Don’t be fooled.

Congressman Ron Paul speaks common sense about the sanctions bill.

He is right and I encourage all of you to listen to what he says. In particular, a trade war with Russia and China is very stupid right now (or always!).

If the US says that anyone who imports goods to Iran will not be a trading partner, that can only mean one thing. War.

Don’t be fooled by people who say sanctions are not the same as war. They are one and the same.

The USA is burning and failing. American politicians who have an IQ less than 100 don’t care and haven’t cared. If you are US citizen, call your representative or senator. Tell him or her that Sanctions on Iran are stupid and wrong for America. Our foreign policy and banking policies are killing the USA.

Sadly, most US politicians work for Israel since they get campaign funding from them. So what? They are elected to represent Americans, NOT Israelis. If Israel wants a war, let them have it. They know they cannot win a war against Iran unless they blast their nukes on Iranians. Nukes they do not have the courage to confess to having! They are more corrupt than Iran, who has never broken accord with the NPT.

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