Criminal America

Few points before getting into it:

1- America’s hands are not clean, just to name a few; there is Vietnam, Chile’s Allende, Iran’s Mossadegh, and quite a few others before and after those cases.

2- Given a choice, America is the undisputed number one destination for human beings thirsting for freedom and opportunities.

3- In her short life as a nation America has done more for humanity’s welfare than others combined. Those in doubt should check into origin of most life saving vaccines, drugs, high yield crops and technologies that make modern life possible.  

Does the good wash out the bad, no way, but, is America unique in having less than stellar record, not by a long shot.

Whenever the Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodle of allies get into any political discourse, they invariably read America’s rap sheet without a mention of all the good she has also committed or what shameful acts their beloved Anti-Imperialist Islamists have and are committing.

These buggers don’t like to talk about the fact that their Islamists have exponentially far more blood of innocent Moslems on their hands than any that is any other actors in the past few centuries.

Name one country which has killed more Iraqi’s than the Islamists?

Name one country which has killed more Afghanis than the Islamists, being Soviet Union does not exist anymore and for obvious affinity the triumvirate has for her she was intentionally left out of Afghan killing field competition.

The list is long and a blog not the place for it.

There comes a time when one has to move on, this Anti-Americanism via cheerleading cult of death worshipping is costing too many lives. Wanting the Islamist Rapists in Iran who are documented to be killers of Iranians to have nuke is just wrong.

Japan got nuked twice in a row by America, but Japan forgave and with America’s help got back on her feet and  is now the second largest economy in the world with dreamy living standards for her citizens. Iran has all the ingredietns to be the Japan of ME, Time to move on, enough is enough.

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