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The refusal of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic to carryout the lawful demand made by the United Nations Security Council to stop its illegal full cycle dual use nuclear program will have only two resulting outcome.

One, the sane world plus Russia and China agree to come to terms with messianic Islamist Rapists having nuke. Or try to prevent IRR from becoming a permanent nuclear threat.

Islamist Rapists’ nuke lobbies and few others have floated the idea of living with a nuclerized IRR is not a threat many make it up to be for the simple reason that them Islamist Rapists are quite “pragmatic” and “do not have a death wish”. Also, based on Head Rapist Khomeini’s purported “fatwa” declaring nuclear weapon as prohibited, some simpletons claim there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about.  

Two points, first,  there is a lot to be said and has been said in debunking the myth about them Islamist Rapists being  “pragmatic” and/or “not having a death wish”. Those who are interested can find tons of scholarly articles, historical facts shooting down that nonsense.

As to the Head Rapist Khamenei having issued a prohibiting “Fatwa against nuke” one has to only remind the gullible of the widely practiced concept of dissimulation of the truth by IRR’s adherents. In fact one has to only look up what their “Imam” Khomeini said prior to taking power and reneging on all promises he made justifying it all with the concept of dissimulation.

So, although this much talked about Anti-nuke fatwa has never been produced, the practice of dissimulation makes its actual existence of no value.  

Now do you want to trust in the words of messianic mullahs who literally have their own biological children executed for not believing in their doomsday dogma, go right ahead.

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