United States of Middle Eastern Countries( Not United Snakes…)

for everyone Salute to the great Iran in which our youth are victims and covered by their blood. So please, come together and do not destroy Iran for another time. Because we want to be the dictator and the other people should obey us. I will point out some of the matter which is in my mind. So may be from this way we can help our children to have a better life in the future. I was teacher and translator for many years and I was also teacher in different countries.



I saw the different cultures and different ways of lives. I lived with people with different religions and with different thinking. I am trying to let you also know about my experiences, so in this way we do not need to use and waste our time to collect our own experience if we can use other people experiences. Our life is very short and soon will be ended. So it is better and more cleaver that we use our short life for the people and for their welfare. We should not change their lives; we should accept them as they are. We should not be cruel and make the life like hell for some people. In the time that they come to the power; they will do the same for us. They will revenge us one day. We should send the dictator ship way of life away. And respect all people with their different thinking and the ways of lives which they chose.


We are not the only one who can think and who is better than other people. We should solve the problems with cooperation of other people, and not in a dictatorship way. We should tolerate other people thinking and the ways of lives and do not persecute them, because of their faults. We should try to help them and consult with them. We should clear our hearts and respect other people believes and religions, and cultures. And we should know that the way of life is not an absolute best way, that we use or have, it is a relative matter and the different people think differently also. Every body is influenced by his/her own environment and nothing is absolute wrong of right. Because we do not know about other people philosophy and culture, so we think they are wrong and we are right. One day a student of mine came to me and told me. All the science and knowledge is written in Quran, even atom energy and computers. And if you read Quran you can know about all science and the whole knowledge in the world. And you do not need to read other book, just to read Quran is enough to be as scientist and to be a knowledgeable person. We do no need other books, as we have Quran. I asked him “did you read Quran” he said no.


 I read some of the sentences of Quran in Arabic and I did not understand their meaning at all. He continued that he cannot read and understand Quran, because it is in Arabic and he has no time to read it. It takes a lot of time if I want to read Quran and compare the Persian translation with the Arabic original. I said is it fair that you say the Quran is such a good book and than you say you will have no time to read it. He said but other people told me the Quran is such a nice good book and it is full of science and knowledge, I said to him the Omar the second Khalief had the same Idea and he thought, in Quran is everything and so we do not need other books, so he commanded to burn all other books, because we have Quran and we do not need other books. In the opposite of his thinking, one day in Germany, a pastor told me that Islam is a religion of Satan, it is not from the God and all their instructions are false and cruel. It is about killing and torching other people. Because Satan did this religion and he support it. I asked him, if he did a lot of research about Islam? He said no. I asked him at least if he did read the Quran, the holly book of Moslem. He said, no. I asked him if he read the Rummy, Hafez, Sadi or Khayaam. I said you have no knowledge about Islam and you are persecuting it. Do you think, it is fair?


You said, you have not even read one book written by Islamic Scholars, and you say it is a Satan religion? He said, he does not need to read Quran, because it is false any how, he has the Bible and that is enough for him to know about Islam. The people say so and I heard from them that the Islam is a Satan religion, so I do not need to research myself. They say so and it is correct. So what do call this, ignorant, stupidity, proud in a false way? The people say in the 28 of Mordad in Iran, there was a codetta and the removed Dr. Mosadegh national government and replaced it with a dictatorship government which was brought by USA and Britain. In the same day, in the morning a lot of people were supporting Mosadegh and they were on the streets of Tehran, why they did not do anything against the codetta? I heard the same people who said in the morning long live Mosadegh in the evening cried down with Mosadegh and long live the king. A sea of people said long live the Shah and supported him with his white revolution and his referendum and said yes to him.



The Shah was a religious Shia man and had a good relationship with the clergy people the head of clergy people, Ayatollah Borojerdi wrote to him, come here that the egg (seed or testis) of Islam is in dangerous situation. He builds in the middle the lawn of the University of Tehran a mosque. And he changed the university to a religious place. He was pilgrim to the Myakka and he visited always the Imam Reza in Mashed. And his name is Mohammed the name of the prophet of Islam and Reza the eight imam of Shia. In his time the people have some sort of freedom and nobody care about the clothes of women or men. And as long as the people did not bother the regime they were let to live in peace. His father took the veil of women with force, but he let the women to do what eve they like to do, and the new regime forced the women again to use the veil. Even as long as we were not influenced by communist we were free to speak. I wrote article in the newspapers that the women should not misuse their freedom and should not to be like a puppet of cheap clothes of West. Because sometime you could see the whole body of the women, their breast and their pussy. As the clothes were so short and so thin. And I wrote that is not good, even in Europe the women do not wear this type of clothes in the public; it is for fun and carnival. But the government did not come after me. It was a huge picture of a woman without bra and very sexy on the top of a cinema, and in an Islamic country I think that was too much. The people told me that in that area is a lot of accidents, because the people will look at the nude woman. And you know even now in the USA they do not hang a woman without bra in the public area.



 In the Shah’ time if you had a good relationship with the government, you could get a good position. But you should have also documents of your knowledge, experience and be good for that position, you have to be fit in that opening, so the friends could help you. But now if you know just people the job without any knowledge about the job and without any experience. Just as long as you know people, you get the position. In the Shah time, you should have experience and knowledge, too. In the Shah time the drivers of Iran could go to Germany and buy the second hands cars. And so even in the villages of Germany, you could not find old cars, because the Iranian bought them and drive them to Iran. The people were in good condition. Only the people who interfere with the politics have problems. The inspection section of the government and the other inspector of the king have to listen to the people and they helped the people. The Pahlavi foundation gave money to many Iranian students. The action of the Shah was not without fault, he did not let the religious people and communist, Mojahedin interfere in the government. And if he just supervises them like the queen of Britain; may be we have now a better situation. If the primer minister was independent, may be the situation was not so bad. But the greed and love of money of power of some of the people around Shah brought us to this disaster. So he could not have direct contacts with the people.


 And he did not have any good and right information about middle and poor class people. Or may be the hate of the huge company was another problem for him. As he did not want to let them be totally free and rob the country as much as they wanted. So he was suddenly changed to a bad man in the newspapers and they wanted to make him a very bad man with a weak character. The huge business people who did not like the Shah any more, tried to make a huge negative advertisement against him and pro Khomeini. He listens to the people very late, in the time that the negative advertisement against him was in its top position and he could not control them and the people any more. The people see not in the Shah a Satan and in Khomeini an Angel. He has to the Shapour Bakhtiyar the power and left Iran, with his small children with a cry. If the Shah did not send the Khomeini to the exile and kept him close to himself and did consult with him as he did with Borojerdi, may be we could save our million of youth who have been killed and billions of dollars that we lost. If both of them love Iranian, so they could work together for Iranians. Both of them said, they love Iranian and want to work for their prosperity and welfare. If the Shah has given part of the government to the clergy people, so the people could see how they act.


And they did not make them angels. The people went to an Imam, who through the huge advertisement was an angel and the people did not know him and his way very well. The people performed a revolution to have more freedom and more welfare, and the Imam promised them these. But in the time he came to the power he forget his promises and wanted the total power. So that the people could kiss his hands, feet and his ass properly. In the time that he came in Tehran, the media have made from him an angel and a huge personality. In the time a reporter asked him, what he feels to come after fifteen years to Tehran. His answer was nothing. He did not feel Nothing for Iran and Iranian who wanted to see him so badly. The people were almost crazy to see him, and they thought he will make Iran a paradise. But he had no feeling and Nothing was in his mind. He was a clergy man who got a position of a general of five stars in the army. And he was the head of a country without any political education. He was almost like a puppet that gets the power from the people who were influenced by the advertisement. Like if your child need operation you bring to him, to operate your child as he is a medical doctor that can perform operation. So he asked the people to kill the army officer who decided to be neutral and do not support Bakhtiyar government. He destroyed the army so badly that Sadam decided to attack Iran.


He does not need to kill the army officer, they were in his side. Or in the side of people, but he want to perform his power, he was thirsty for power and now he wanted to use his power and kill as much as he wanted. The system of the world wanted this disunity and this killing, so Iran gets weaker and weaker. The friendship has gone and killing and dictatorship has started. The hate replaced the love and millions of Iranian youth have been killed with different excuses. He had said before that everybody as long as he does not take weapons is free to act and to speak, but now he ordered to kill anybody who is not willing to be totally in his side, and even the neutral people were executed. Like Bahai who are not allowed to enter the politics of a country. He killed two hundred Bahai, just because they were born as Bahai, he expects that even if you born in a Bahai family, be Moslem. So another crazy man attacked Iran and with the help of clergy people they destroyed the whole Iran. Any body who gets a position wanted to send other people out and bring your own friends and family. The people who were in jail, torched and were in exile now were in the power and started to revenge the normal people, killing torch and taken their wealth was a normal thing. To be dictator and keep your own benefit above the people or majority benefit is a worst thing which can happen in a country. All of us could be dictator if we get the power or absolute power without any control.


As long as we have no power, we are OK. In the time that we get power, we want to use it in our way and for our own benefit. We think we are right and all other people are wrong. We love ourselves too much and disrespect other people ideas and the way of life. The person who was in prison few months ago, now he was in the head of government and wanted to be rich as soon as possible. He does not care if million other people can be killed for his greed of power, money and women. They were like Zohak or Azhidahak, who killed the youth to give their brain to the snake on his shoulders. The people should not be indifferent or cruel. The Shah told them, he will give the people the total freedom, but the people did not believe him any more. And believe other man. We should think about Iran and the majority of people and try to work for them and not for our greed and love of power or money. We should build a nice Iran for our children and ground children. And try to bring Unity and love between our people. The Russian Tsar took Azerbaijan from our country, the England divided us and took Afghanistan and before the Tajikistan. Bokhara and Samarghand has been divided from the mom of Iran, Bahrain and other part and Stans have been taken away from the great Iran Aryana. And the supper power did from our huge country, small weak countries. And with advertisement and bad ruler we are two hundred years behind. Bring disunity so you can govern easier. We should be united again and all people who are relative with each other should have a country. Something like USA or European Union, that should be our goal.


A government which consists all Old Iranian and Toranian countries should emerged again, so we will be than an international power in the world again. Science and knowledge should be in the hand of everybody, and the people should have access to science and university easily like in USA. We should be united in that time we are powerful. To be divided to a lot of artificial countries like now, is in the fever of international robbers. They want to be master and we are slaves. Modern slaves

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