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Hope of Solidarity Among Iranians in  Diaspora:

Table of Content:
Page 1: Cover Letter
Page 2: Synopsis
Page 3: Introduction
Page 4: Body and Argument
Page 5: Conclusion
Page 6: Credit

Page One – Cover Letter:
The subject matter is to discuss any feasible chance of solidarity among the so called resistance and self proclaimed groups living at comfort of their dwellings outside the hellish life in Iran.

Page Two – Synopsis
No Chance of such solidarity.

Page Three – Introduction:


Page Four – Body and Argument:

Chance of snow ball in hell that this bunch of know it all can ever get  it together. Particularly when such a miserable self proclaimed good for nothing, close to morbidly obese protector of Kian named Reza Pahlavi has decided to take front stage. Specially when entourage-ed by such characters with the log on names of Free, Irandudee, IranOnly – -ony to name a few- and any and all combinations there after

Page Five – Conclusion:

With such ridicules track records, from every single voice who only deems to hear themselves and no other…… I have one advice for you:

Go Fuck Yourselves if you think you are the ONE who is going to lead this revolution.

Page Six – Credits:
Jon Stewart for registering the phrase [Go Fuck Yourselves]

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