Will Israel or USA attack Iran?

The talk of attacking Iran been going on for years,but most likely it would not happen.The main reason for it is the chaos that it would create.
USA would not attack Iran because there a democrat president in the office and if there would been a chance of her attacking Iran it would have been during a Republcan presidency.
The other reason that USA would not attack Iran is because she is already involved in 2 wars and opening a third front makes it even more difficult for USA to finish them. If Iraq and Afghanistan war were successful Iran would have been next.
In case of Israel, she most likely would not attack lran either since USA would not give her a green light and USA is worry about Iran response to an Israeli attack.
An attack by Isreael against Iran would get others like Lebeanon, Syria and Hamas involved that would turn the war to a regional war.
Any country can start a war,but they can not end it as easy as they have started it.

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