Bahais are not part of Islam.

1. This so called “Bab” claims to be the Mahdi, when he was born hundreds of years after and was persecuted to death. The Mahdi is believed to be hidden, so how can he be killed by Qajar?? Doesn’t make any sense

2. With that being said, if this lunatic did claim to be the Mahdi, why did he create a new book to replace the Quran?? Muslims only believe in one holy book, the Quran, everything else involves knowledge and information through hadiths. Bahais use neither of these texts, and instead have compiled their own.

3. Bahais accept philosophers and prophets not mentioned in the Quran like Buddha, Zoraster, and Krishna, so this indicates they are a competely different faith.

4. If they claim to succeed Muslims, why do they recognize the state of Israel, and have a center there??

5. Bahais reversed many of the laws of Islam, and abandoned everything that has to do with Islam in its entirely, they don’t pray, they eat pork, they have their own prayers, it has become a new faith.

The Bahais can claim they are a legitimate religion for all they care. But the point I’m trying to make is, they are not a part of Islam, and since Iran is IRI, it has no room for their non sense. The fact that they recognize the state of Israel, is enough for them to get punished. In Iran we have Yarsan, Christians, Hindus, Alevis, Sunnis, Naqshabandis, Qadiris, Nehmatollis, and many other faiths and beliefs, but none are attacked because they are different from Islam, it’s only the Bahais that are discouraged and criticized and made to be illegal, because they recognize the state of Israel, and seek the destruction of Iran. They break the laws, they get punished.

🙂 I have proved they are not part of Islam, and I have proved why Iran is against them.

They want to practice their faith?? Simple, leave the country, and go practice somewhere else, you have as many as 200 countries out there where you can go pray and preach your lies, go preach them out there. Leave the Iranian people alone, they don’t need you guys to help create fitnas, divisions, false mahdism, and anarchy. 

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