A Few Terms From Islamists’ and Leftists’ Dictionary

Iran = Place we occupy to use as a laboratory for our ideological experiments.

Palestine = Our home.

Iranians = Laboratory animals for our ideological experiments. Also see expendable.

Palestinians = Our people.

South Lebanon = Our second home.

South Lebanese = People who trained our leaders to occupy Iran.

America = We want to be like them, but we can’t.  So, we bad mouth them. Also see envy.

Imperialist = Anyone who disagrees with us.  Also see “what we want to be, but we can’t”.

Iranian Heritage = No definition available.

Palestinian Heritage = In 1948, imperialist, Zionist, colonialists occupiers occupied Palestinian lands by force.  Ever since, they have been occupying more lands, torturing and murdering our Palestinian brothers and sisters.  They have been building settlements….(please see out forty volume book series on the subject for continuation of definitions).

Iranians Executed by the IRI = Justified and required for liberation of Palestine.

Engaging In a Destructive War Against the “West” from Our Base in Iran = Justified and required for liberation of Palestine. Also see Justified and required for completing the unfinished business of our great revolution of eliminating the “imperialists” and those annoying Iranians.

Ehya Confederation = Our former base in the “West”, and where the leftist part of our coalition came from.  Members still active as propaganda agents.

Revolution = Gravy train.

War (any war) = Gravy train.

Dead bodies of Iranians paraded through the streets as a result of wars that we instigate = Gift that keeps on giving. Need more.

Palestinian Lives and Dignity = Sacred, and must be defended at all costs.

Iranian Lives = Tools to use to defend Palestinian lives and dignity.  Also see expandable. 

Imam Hussein = Gravy train for the past thousand years.

Imam Mehdi = Gravy train for the next thousand years.

Homemade Technology = Made in North Korea.

“Winning” a war = If we can survive, we have won, regardless of whether the laboratory (Iran) has been turned into a parking lot.  Also see Hassan Nasrollah.

Iran’s Wealth = Belongs to Hezbollah and Palestinians. 

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