Virtual tour to Iran

Commenting on the work of one of the great contributors of this website a funny thought occurd to me. Imagine we set up a tour of all contributors to Iran and we assign them some responsibilities along the way. Let your imagination loose and come up with something funny! But be courteous!

I recommended Fred to be the tour guide. As all of us sitting in the tour bus, he stands up and tells us what Islamic Rapist Republic did exactly what at what place, then he bends and asks the driver to stop so he can get Baaghaali from his favorite place in Sarcheshmeh… 

DK notices the golden Aftabeh from the Golestan Palace’s bathroom is missing and gives us a grief.

Monda, makes sure everyone is in line and behave well.

Azadeh, is sitting way back and think why the hell I am here with these morons!

Abarmard, is pulling down Capt Ayhab’s shirt telling him, “sit I can’t see”!

I leave the rest to you…

I love to hear your words about me.

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