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Inks on the comments of the first installment of this series is hardly dry. Admittedly despite its rocky start by certain spamming gentleman, who despite his intellect only resorts to cheap outdated and stale video clips as an argument, it ended up with wonderful group, contributing excellent arguments.

As I was reading all the comments on their entirety, which by the way, is an excellent way to really digest the progress and most importantly to grasp  the ideas that get thrown around,  thoughs of second in the series hit me[I know I know , thinking is not becoming of me].  Although some of those wonderful points and arguments often get buried under piles and piles of negativity and anger, but they are there nonetheless, and revisiting the comments is the only way to dig them up, clean them up and truly think about what the guy or gal has to say.

I am not writing this to look back at installment one in retrospect, but it is to challenge a totally different group.  However since unintentionally some might take this as an attack on much broader group,  I see it fit to state a disclaimer at first.

Disclaimer: This thread by no means is intended as disrespect to larger Muslim faith, but is it intended as direct challenge to supporters of Islamic Hokomat in Iran.

So let me start by saying……………. You, the ones who are under the delusion that you are legitimate representatives of nation of Iran, You can go FUCK yourself for having your heads in the sand.

If you think that by suppressing our youth, you can stay in power indefinitely I have a message from Sohrob for you…………. GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

If you think you can stay in power for another 3 decades, NEDA gave me message to give you…….. She said that her brave brothers are out there to get you FUCKED royally.

If you think that by imprisoning the journalists and writer you can imprison the thirst for freedom let me suggest a book for you to read:

Wonderfuly written book called: FUCK YOU ASSHOLE;  written by young men and women of Iran; Printed on the streets of Tehran; ISBN: 06222009

If you think that by keeping our beautiful women under wrap and by constantly harassing them in the streets for being beautiful and a total HOOLOO that you can keep them silent……… our young men, their brothers and fiancés have a message for you…………and I am paraphrasing “ WE will FUCK you RAW and bitch slap you around calling you Sakineh, our bitch”.

If you think by keeping us fragmented and at each others throat you can rule us for ever. I have a personal message for you:

Because we the opposition will bicker among ourselves like every brother and sister does, we will have zargari arguments just like two dear friends do, we will even disrespect  each other at times just like strong willed people do, but when the time for real show comes, we are going to  stick together, one voice, one power and one nation to FUCK YOU UP beyond recognition.

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