WORKING CLASS HERO: Lech Walesa, Farah Pahlavi and Shirin Ebadi Et les Autres …

Poland’s Lech Walesa Meets Iran’s former Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi and Shirin Ebadi Iran’s Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2003. Medley Songs Montand, Macias, Ferrat, Regianni, Moustaki et les autres …  

Lech Walesa – Hammer and Cross

Proletariat or Not … Happy Labors Day to All …

Richard Burton appeared on the Dick Cavett Show:

In July 1980, Richard Burton appeared on the Dick Cavett Show. Here, a clip of him discussing the glories of mining in Wales — in the miners’ eyes. It is, improbably, one of the most beautiful monologues on the dignity of labor ever recorded.

Yves Montand – Le temps des cerises:

charles aznavour-camarade:

Yves Montand BELLA CIAO:

bella ciao IRAN :

L´Etrangère – Yves Montand:

Enrico Macias – Paris tu m’as pris dans tes bras:

Yves Montand – Planter cafe & Les petits cireurs des souliers de Broadway:

Serge Regianni Ma Liberte:

Georges Moustaki – Ma Solitude:

Georges Moustaki le metéque: 


Yves Montand – Je me souviens & Que reste-t-il & La vie en rose & Quand un soldat & Le megot:


Working class Hero – John Lennon:

Le Chant Des Partisans:

Green Day – Working Class Hero Live:

Yves Montand-Les roses de Picardie:

Jean Ferrat – Camarade:

Yves Montand / Sir Godfrey :

And on the Lighter Side:

Monty Python Communist Quiz sketch:

Monty Python – Rant Against Communists

Monty Python- The Annoying Peasant -The Holy Grail:

John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett:

Recommended Watching:

AN AXIS OF LOVE: A Persian Tribute to Poland’s Dignified Grief

HISTORY OF IDEAS: Jean Paul Sartre on Freedom and Existentialism (BBC)

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