For the Pseudo-ANtelectuals on Iranian.Com

A recent spat on another blog when my comment fell foul of the censor, whoops, I mean “moderation” reminded me of the words of Homa Nategh (see above) written in a letter to some newspaper in objection of her name being used in vein/without permission by some pseudo-ANtelectuals. In the letter she refers to the words of Sadegh Hedayat quoted below.  It is from a private letter to a friend referring to his disgust (specifically in reaction to the rape and murder of innocent people in Azarbiajan).

At least they had the honesty to admit that once a movement starts lying and murdering to serve its ideology rather than the people then it is time for eating shit as the Persian saying goes.  But I doubt our friends on the Left, Melli-Mazhabis (if there was ever an Oxymoron!) and Jebhe Gheir e Melli will ever be capable of such contrition.  

از همة این حرف‌ها گذشته و باید حقیقتاَ اولاد شش هزار سالة داریوش بود تا باز هم به این جنغولک‌بازی‌ها فریب خورد. مطالب بسیار مفصل و عجیب است ولی خیانت دو سه جانبه بود و حالا توده‌ای‌ها خودشان را گه‌مالی می‌کنند برای این‌که اصل مطلب را بپوشند. به هر حال افتخارات گه‌آلود خودمان را باید قاشق قاشق بخوریم و به‌به بگوییم.

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