Grassroots Rally: Obama Wrecks Jews’ Homes, Lets Iran Build Bomb

A grassroots pro-Israel rally in driving rain in New York on Sunday
delivered an angry message to U.S. President Barack Obama to worry about
Iran’s nuclear program instead of “a Jewish family building a home in

Despite chilly and heavy rains, over 3,000 people
came out to protest. Emotions were hot and served as another sign to
President Obama that he has misjudged the depth and breadth
of opposition to his Middle East policy. Polls and increasingly vocal
criticism from Democratic Congressmen have rejected his adoption of
Palestinian Authority demands that eliminate any room for negotiations
for its terms for becoming an independent country.

Rabbi Yaakov
Spivak, a Jewish activist, radio talk show host and a New York Daily
columnist stated, “President Obama, we’re here today to tell
you something. In Warsaw, they told Jews where we could build, in Lodz
they told Jews where we could build, in Paris they told Jews where we
could build. You will never tell us where to build in Jerusalem. We are
home and Israel is our country.”


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