US, with 5,113 Nuclear Warheads, Claims Iran Peaceful Program Threats the World!

The United States disclosed for the first time on Monday the overall
size of its nuclear arsenal, saying it had a total of 5,113 warheads
operationally deployed, kept in active reserve and held in inactive
storage. Moreover, Israel is believed to be the sole nuclear power in
the Middle East with more than 200 nuclear heads and is not even a
signatory for the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT).

However, Washington and its main ally Israel are impudent enough to
attack Iran’s peaceful nuclear program claiming Tehran is seeking to
develop a nuclear bomb and threatening to impose more sanctions against
the Islamic republic.

Again the double standard policy seems to dominate the US talks, one
can not but wonder how come the international community, led by the
United Nations, doesn’t raise its questions about the US and Israeli
nuclear arsenals at a time it is seeking sanctions against the Islamic
republic nuclear program based on “doubts” and “fears” that it may be
using it for developing a nuclear bomb.

According to figures released by the Pentagon, the total does not
include warheads that have been retired and scheduled for dismantlement,
an estimated 4,600 according to the Federation of American Scientists
nonprofit group. The US nuclear arsenal has been reduced by 84% from its
maximum level of 31,225 warheads at the end of fiscal year 1… >>>

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