GUEST OF THE AYATOLLAH: Ali Khamenei visits US diplomat John Limbert at occupied US Embassy (1979)

A Surreal conversation between US Diplomat and hostage John Limbert and Ali Khamenei then a high ranking cleric but not yet supreme leader. This is the full length conversation. Today Ambassador John W. Limbert is the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iran in State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs.

Khamenei visits Limbert at the Occupied US Embassy in Tehran demanding Shah’s return as a pre-conditon to their release:

Jimmy Carter on Iran and his one mistake as president:

Carter pays Tribute to Shah during New Year Eve Celebrations 1978:

Shah and Family Meet the Press in the Bahamas during their forced exile:

Ronald Reagan on the Shah of Iran:

HBO TV Drama In Production:

HBO TV Drama: Mark Bowden’s “Guests of the Ayatollah” in Pre-Production

Film On Shah’s Exile:

LIBERATION: New Movie about the Shah’s last days (Trailer)

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