Why Do I Think the Military Strike on Iran is Imminent!

Why Do I think the Military strike on Iran looms over the horizon!

First when I saw IT, it was 3 or so weeks ago.

It was a beautiful early spring morning on  6 Am, in my pajamas sipping at my favorite morning drink[hot cup of stout Java – black] with my favorite newspaper, Washington Post[No I do not live in Washington DC] and the TV set in the kitchen tuned to my channel of choice, Morning Joe on MSNBC.

As I was thinking to myself about how beautiful but irrelevant the co-anchor   Mika Brzezinski  is the IT hit me like a Mack Truck.

I have been blogging about this rather imminent treat of war that looms over Iran, prelude with demonetization of a nation of 72 million and followed by call for an air tight sanctions for ever, then it downed on me that the wheels of war on Iran are already in motion.

It really does not matter what political affiliations we share or do not share. What matters is that in a very near future our country, with all the likelihood,  is going to be attacked militarily partly because of our inaction in keeping the issue on the front pages.

It takes a  real MAN/WOMAN with integrity, true honor, patriotism, love of humanity and above all a person of true being to set aside the political beliefs and lock arms in order to prevent a catastrophic and criminal war on our nation.

What ever grievances we have in respect to our corrupt government is for us to solve and not any  foreign invader[s].

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