NYTIMES editorial on NPT. How shameless!

New York times in arguably one of its most disgusting, self contradictory, imperialistic, hypocritical editorials of all time has called for fixing the NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty) and of course IRAN is at the center of it!

If anything this kind of editorials are indication, it’s “time to fix NYTIMES editors”! I mean, at least have some shame! Never mind honesty and dignity, at least be intelligent enough to try hiding your ulterior motives!

Do these clowns really think in this age of human rights, equal rights, “animal rights!”, democracy, Internet, etc, they are capable of convincing people of Brazil, Japan, Egypt, and hundreds of others to kiss the nukes good bye while without any trace of shame whatsoever in an audacious and blatant manner 5 countries that have accessed these weapons earlier have carved a special place for themselves as “permanent” members of UN security council with vetoing power over the will of majority of the nations in the world!! Not to mention the obvious rule of jungle and “might makes right” attitude that is demonstrated by the club members on a daily basis in world’s politics!

As you can see in the link below these clowns in an effort to address the perils of a nuclear world stretch beyond their wit just to recommend only a “reduction” in the nuclear arsenal of US & Russia! Last time I checked there is no such thing as killing someone “half time”! By the absurd proposal of reduction in such weapons superpowers get to destroy the world ten thousand times over instead of hundred thousands! To hear this kind of nonsense from a politician is different than from “intelligent”, “intellectual” editors of the most circulated, prized news paper
in a country that prides itself as the “beacon” of justice and democracy!

Here are a couple of nuggets from the editor’s wisdom: ” A strong call for the United States and Russia to quickly begin negotiations on deeper weapons reductions…

A requirement that states that do not already make their own nuclear fuel stay out of the fuel business…

Egypt, which leads the Nonaligned Movement, is also playing games by pressing for a nuclear-weapons-free zone in the Middle East that seeks to force Israel to give up its nuclear arsenal. That is not going to happen any time soon.”

See how shameless and condescending was the last statement. I have one word for the editors: “Screw you”!

My hunch is this proliferation would continue until such day that there are enough countries have it so the “big” brothers decide its time to get rid of’em all! between now and then lets hope we are not going to have a couple of fire works!

Here is the “Editorial”: Fixing the Treaty

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