The resurrection of Pahlavi

I’ve had this question on the back of my mind for many years and suspect there are others in the same predicament.

I know some thirty one years ago a massively popular revolution took place in Iran ousting the Pahlavi Dynasty and with it monarchy replacing it with a mixture of non-hereditary absolute lifetime rule of a Mullah with a veneer of a Republican system of governance.

I know after thirty one years of being ruled by the arguably despised IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic if not all, a good chunk of Iranians wish the end of IRR as passionately as was the case for the end of Pahlavi Dynasty.

Also, IRR and others have been trying to discredit the ousted Pahlavi Dynasty from day one to the present day.

My question is why, that is I can understand IRR doing it, but can’t get my mind around other Iranians who say they  despise IRR doing it. Do they know something that is not apparent, like the chances of Pahlavi dynasty resurrecting is so great to warrant them opposing it so vehemently over opposign the murderouse Islamist Rapists?

And if that should be the case, would they prefer the extension of life of IRR over the return of Pahlavi as those are the only two choices they seem to allow?

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