When love dies. The problem of the victim of Bahais and Moslems in Iran.

When love dies. The problem of the victim of Bahais and Moslems in Iran.


Some words and sentences concerning the problems existed between Bahais and Moslems in Iran. And the people who were born in a family of both religions who are suffering from both side? I hope we can solve this problem with the cooperation and use of our humanity senses.  As we know a lot of Bahais are persecuted in Iran. But some people who were not Bahai , but they had Bahai family have been persecuted also. These people are not accepted as Bahai but Bahai administration. And the Moslem they do not accept them, because they have Bahai family and are not willing to say bad words about the Bahais in the newspapers. So for the regime of Iran they are Bahai and for the Bahai administration they are not Bahai, but they suffer from both sides and they are robbed from the Moslem and Bahais. The letter is a letter written by one of this victim to the Bahai center, the international center of Bahais. I hope one day we will have the unity of mankind and the unity of religions and nobody will be persecuted , because of religion of his mother or father or both?


The spiritual holy gathering of the house of just in Haifa.


My name is Peyman and I do not like to write my last name, because I know it has no effect at all. This letter is just for your information and I know that you have a lot of much more important subjects to deal with. So to destroy of a person is not so important as the destroying of many people. And so you do not have time or energy enough to handle the problem of one person. As I am not in the situation to be killed or hanged up by the system of the …. Because,  I am still alive and try to survive, but my life is destroyed by the Moslem, because they persecute me as Bahai and the Bahai, because I was not Bahai. My mother was Bahai and my father was Moslem.


May be as long as I am sort of alive, it will be enough for me. But my spiritual problems are not so important. May be I expect too much? As a lot of nice Bahai friends of mine are killed and hanged up, and I still am alive and walk. Or a lot of nice kind Bahai are in the jails or prison without having have any crimes. And they are waiting for a court date. In compare with them; I am in a much better shape at least by seeing. I walk and am alive. Take the oxygen and let oxide do carbon out. So that is sort of life and being alive. But as long I know myself as a child and as long as I remember my childhood, I had the problem of the religions. I was suffered of the problems of two religions. Bahai and Islam, both…


One time as a child may be three years old, I told my father Alah o Abha, as I do not know the different between that words or Alah o Akbar. I saw people in the time that they are seeing each other instead of Salaam; they greet each other with Alah o Abha. And as I saw the other side is happy to hear this. I wanted to make my father happy, too. As I love him and told the same short phrase. My father was a strong strict Moslem and he hits and slapped with his hand to my face.  The sound of the slap was so high that my uncle, the brother of my mom wanted to fight with him, but my beloved mother who was a very quite person did not let him acts. I was the victim and I should be persecuted and let be ignored. I do not feel this as a fault of my father or my mother, they believe so and they acted so, because they thought that is right.

In the time that I was going to school, a group of Moslem children who were specialized to bother Bahai children and have expertly about this matter attacked me alone and they told me first bad words, which I will not repeat here, as I may shy, but I do not know why I should shy, they should shy that they told me and bothered my at that time a lot. They have may studied these sentences or the clergy person trained them extra to bother the little Bahai children. After saying bad words, they start to fight with me and I have to fight with four or five alone. And listen to their words also like a movie with the sound of speaking. Abbass Afandie (The Turkish word Effendi) I put in… tomato, the red tomato; the European tomato. And I did… on the crystal box coffin.  O you dog Babi, you dirty Babi you should clean the hell and after a while some passengers interfere and I was released, but with the head full of blood and I was happy to be free from those little criminals.  I came home and my father saw my condition and said to me why you fight with the children? I was afraid to say, because if Bahai religion as I know my mother will come to a new problem with my daddy. I wanted to explain the situation, but he told me OK. Go and clean yourself and prepare yourself to pray the Islamic prayer, because it time is over.  And I should pray Moslem prayer, and have been persecuted by little criminals as Bahai.  So I should pray in Arabic the whole prayer which for me as a child was for a long indefinite time. And I could not understand any of those words in Arabic that I should say loudly. I was happy that after my prayer my father told me you are a good boy. Nice boy.


Sorrowfully in the time that we have Bahai guests with their children, my father was more concerned about me that I should not play with the children and pray instead of playing.  I should pray and also I should go to the roof of our house and say the Azan in Arabic and very loud so that all Bahai guest could listen clearly. And they should know how deep I am a Moslem Child. My father wanted me to go to the paradise and have the nice virgin hurries that are always virgin and they are very beautiful. I prefer to play with the Bahai girls who were in our garden and played with other boys. He did not want I go to the hell, because he loved me a lot.


I got older and so my mother noticed that I have a real problem in the public school as most children were Moslem and from law class radical Moslem family, whom their parents had may be no education and they thought if their children bother a Bahai child, they or their children will also go to paradise. They thought the God will be very satisfied if their children bother a Bahai child.  So she admits me to a nice Christian school. Now I was like as I was in paradise really.  Thy school was nice and beautiful and the teachers were very nice and friendly. Even they were Moslem as they are paid good money; they were extra friendly with the kids. But I know that was too expensive for my single parent to send me to such a good school. In that time as I was in the eight grade; my father died.  He died after one year being in the bed and good not move properly. My poor father and beloved father died in a very bad condition. All his flash was gone, and he was just bones and skin. He was a famous strong and influenced Moslem good person and he was also a sport man, but after one year in the bed, he was like a Skelton which cannot move. In the last month; he could not even sit properly. Now I have another adjective with the phrases children could tell. Fatherless, dirty, dog Bahai; you should clean the hell. They dig with the knife the word Abbass Afandie always in front of my desk. Luckily in that time that I was going to the Christian private school many of my problems were gone. But with the weak knowledge that I had, and we had for years in the public school no math and language teachers, I could not pass the entry exam of the university in nice subject like medicine and I could study in the literature faculty only.   And again luckily as my mother was a teacher and I had a nice Bahai uncle, the brother of my mother who was a good support of mine. And in that time most children read a lot of books, I could accept as a private teacher in a high school. I could speak very well and could explain very well. With the death of my father I was the head of the family and I had some income with which I could help my mother salary. She could not get the salary of my father as she was working for government.  After I finished my university and passed also my military service and get a good job at the university, I faced with another problem. 


I was trained as a child by my father as a Moslem and I was not allowed to have any Bahai friends or play with them or go to their Friday Bahai classes, which loved to go, as the boys and girls go there together with nice clothes. But my father did not let me go. And after he died, I was too old for their classes. They did not let me to be with the children my age and I did not to be with very young children. May be because I did not have the same knowledge as a fourteen years old boy in the Bahai literature and they thought the class will be difficult for me and I have to shy…Now I was over twenty five years old and like to marry, but the Bahai did not accept me as a real complete Bahai and as they knew my dead father was a Moslem, they do not let their daughter to be with me any more and they girls were cold with me. Also the Moslem girl did the same as I had a Bahai mother; they did not want to be with me or marry me.  After the revolution of Iran I got my gift also. And a good friend of mine whom I helped a lot and I was not indifferent with him, let the government know my mother is Bahai, and I was fired. And the great ground knowledgeable scientist the beauty of God, the great personality the leader of Iran, the great Khomeini instructs was this and I was the victim again. I told them that I am not a Bahai, my father was a Moslem and did not let me to know about Bahai and got from me even an oat and promise I should stay Moslem. They did not care and or listen to all my explanations, and they told me if you want to be accepted as a Moslem, you have to write an article in the newspapers with your picture on the top of it and say bad words about the Bahai religion and its leaders. That this religion is prepared and made by the British, Russians and USA and that action was not possible for me to be performed as my mother was Bahai and my beloved uncles were also Bahais. 


I was not a beauty of God or Ayatollah to give such an instruction.  This is a work of the people who studied theologies and not me who studied European languages. I was just a college instructor and high school teacher, who can agree or disagree with a religion that even I do not know about it. I had not any complete information about Bahai and I do not have still enough information about this religion. After a while as I worked as a private teacher and could buy a house and car, I could marry a Bahai girl who was the sixty one girls whom I asked for marriage propose.  Her parents were not academic and her father just had finished the elementary school, her father did not finish the high school and she was sent out of university as she was Bahai.  But her father was very proud and he thought he knows everything much better than I do. He bothered me and teases me; may be to satisfy his lock of knowledge. I had to answer him and prove with books or dictionary that what ever I say is correct, and he got angry as he sees he had no right.


Now I had much more problem with him, as I had not a good job and I trusted the people, and they took my capital and spend it against me. He was telling everybody, that I am not clever enough and helped the people who are trying to destroy me. I had no other choice to go to USA. I sent some money to my Bahai family who were in USA, but in the time I could to America, they were not willing to give my money so easily back. It took for this reason time until I could bring my family to the USA. Again three years I was alone in America trying to bring my family here and this situation make a gap between me and my family, and after a year that they were with me, my wife tried to divorce me. And she had a nice plan for her divorce; she wanted to keep everything for herself, including all my three children.  In the time that I was not in Iran, she got a friend, an Iranian doctor and now she was in the USA and missed him and wrote long letters every day for him and instead of cooperation with me, she spent a lot of time to write letters for him. She also tried to destroy the relationship between me and my children and as a mother she did that action very well and without any fault.  My family was academic and government employee and her parents were marketing people or Bazarie people.


But we did not have serious problem in Iran. Even in the time I was in USA, the letter of my wife was full of love and respect. In the time I brought them here which it was a very hard work with a lot of costs, now they want a lot of wishes which I could not fulfill, because I did not have the same position and salary as in Iran. I had a very limited income which was not comparable with my Iranian income. I gave everything I had in the hand of my wife Paranak, and she also let all of them to the hand of her father.  As in Iran there was a horrible inflation, I had all my saving in gold, silver and carpets and other valuable materials, like gold watches, old guns and so on. And Paranak told me she transfers them plus my full authority for all of them to her father. A man who told me he is a very good Bahai. Now as she cancelled her Bahai marriage with me, her father treated me always that I should go back to Iran and takes my materials.  They rented my house, but they let the tenants to perform what ever he wanted and they did not even collect the rent from him. He was very indifferent with my house, but the house of her daughter was in very good shape.  As my house was the house of an enemy.


I could go to Iran after seven years; her parent did a very impolite and bad contact with me. As I was a person with epilepsy. The house was damaged by the tenants and all my gold and part of silver and watches have not been given to me. They took them. But in the same time my cousins and his wife who were Bahai were enormously nice and friendly to me and help me a lot to manage the materials which Paranak’ father released.  I repaired the house and rented again. I thought these relatives of my mother side are good and nice like real friends this time. I trusted them and gave full authorities to my cousin.  And I returned to the land of opportunity USA.


For second time after another seven years I got permission and went back to Iran. I saw that the cousins and his wife are different personality now, they changed hundred eighty degree. They gave me after seven years just the deposit money in the bank, which the tenants give in Iran plus a little bit of rent. I spent more than 13 million Tomans for the repair and if this money was in the bank would be at least 26 millions Tomans. But the rent for 7 years was only 11 millions Toman and the interest of the money was also missing. He took the rest of the money for himself. The house again needs repair and so I had no cent benefit from the rent at all. All my furniture which was in one room was destroyed by tenant and him. My car instead of parking in the house was parked in the street in front of his house and had a ticket for having illegal passengers transportation in Noor in Mazaderan from the police. After that they let the car on the street so the municipality took it and I had to pay all the costs. My cousin told me I should be satisfied as the house is still there and he did not told them I am a Bahai so they( the government of Iran) did not take my house?  He did the same thing as my Moslem friend did to me or my father-in-law performed. There was no different between them and the Moslem people at all. Both of them were so cruel like the Moslem friend of mine, who destroyed my life. He took also my wealth and treated me to use the name of Bahai to punish me by the government and now my Bahai family did the same things to me. The love was died and money and material had been blinded their eyes. If the Bahai in this time that they are so much pressure do this type of action to me, what they would perform if they had the same power as Moslem? With other words, I was robbed by my Moslem friend, because of the name of Bahai and my Bahai family did the same thing to me.


As you see the law of Iran and the courts of Iran and the Just in Iran did not help me. So the Bahai administration did not act with just, too. Both of them were indifferent. I do not hope any more that the Bahai administration that will have the unity of mankind will help me any more. As you beloved persons have much more important action and issue in front of you. And how you can have sympathy for a person who still is living but lost all his saving and materials which he collected after fourty years hard work. But I love Bahai law and regulation even if it is not performed by… Unity of Mankind, . And…like Christian…love your enemies as I loved you.  Or Moslems be like brothers to each other. Religions destroyed my life, but I love them. And I hope one day all of us be united and love each other as Zoroastrian told good thinking, good action and good speech.

But still between good words and good action is a big gap.  And I hope one they we will solve all these unjustness. Until now whom should we trust.  No one?  


With love and respect to the International house of Just of Bahais in Haifa   Peyman

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