Khatami warns Islamic Republic of downplaying protests

Mohammad Khatami, head of Centre for the Dialogue among Civilizations, expressed concern over the situation of “different aspects” of the country and maintained that the ruling class cannot resolve the issues through mere “slogans.”The former president of Iran, who was speaking for a group of student and cultural activists, maintained that the all political prisoners need to be released and all students, professors, teachers and citizens that have been harmed in the post election events have to be compensated.

In the past year, the Islamic Republic has cracked down heavily on the academia, student activists and the people by stepping up conservative policies in all strata of Iranian society.

Mohammad Khatami said: “Exiting the security-laden atmosphere and entering a freer space, ending restrictions on political organizations and devising necessary steps for holding appropriate elections in the future” can lead the country out of the current crisis

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