An Iranian girl who hates to be a woman why?

The girl who did not want to be a girl any more. She fed up to be a girl in Iran.

I visited one of my best friends, Dr. Khosrow Parviz. He was a high class doctor and he operates for the beauty. We did not see each other for a long time. He started to explain his situation and told me the stories he has to deal with. He was upset about some of the event happened in his office. He said a very beautiful nice girl came to my office, she cut her hair like a boy and she wear a cloths or suit like a boy, but she said her name is Nilufar and she wants to be a man and not a girl any more. She is fed up to be a girl and had a lot of problems. She does not want to wear the Islamic clothes for women or girl, she will be very uncomfortable with this clothes. She hates that type of clothes.

She told me until now she did not have a lot of problems, but now it starts the new problem. Her breast is growing and she cannot hide them any more. Or it is difficult to hide and cover them. She fixed them with a band, but now they are growing to be like a ball and also her bottom is changing to be round and the boys look at both of them and soon they do not believe that I am a boy. Can you help me to continue to wear boy suits? She feels herself free in the boy suits and she does not want to be in the girls’ clothes. She said that she is thirteen, but soon she will be like a woman. If I can make her bottom like a bottom of man and cut some of her breast to be like a man. So she can play football, ride cycles and run in the street and be free like a boy. She did not any idea about politic and did not even care about the government, what she want, just be a man and not a woman. She loves sport and she said with those heavy clothes she cannot perform any sport. She will get wet and smell bad. She hates to be a woman and be so dirty and smelling.

Until now it was fine, she had no problem to play with the boy’s football run on the streets with them and ride bicycles. But now as I said, the boys tell me hi buddy your bottom is so round and big like a woman, I think they are trying to guess I am a girl and not a boy and that bothers me a lot. That means the time of my freedom is finishing soon. A boy who is a close friend of mine told me, hi this bottom you have is not normal for a boy. May be you have some hormones problems. It is better you go to a doctor to help you. Such a round and big bottom on the bicycles is not belonging to a boy, he said. Please, Mr. Doctor for the sake of God does something for me, and save me. What ever it will cost, my father will pay you. He loves me a lot and what ever I ask, he will do for me.

I said in a very sad voice to her. What you are asking me is not a normal asking, it is not wise and it is even bad and dangerous. You are going to be a nice beautiful woman soon. You cannot fight with the nature or God. Any way you cannot be always a child and you will change to a very beautiful woman. Even if I am allowed to make your bottom and your breast a little bit smaller, what can you do later that you will have no bread and your voice will not change to be a voice of a man. Many girls or women want to have the same beauty that you have. Round bottom and hard round breast like a ball. We cut the breast or bottom in the time they have cancer or they are ugly, not when they are nice and beautiful. So what you are asking me is like a person asks me to blind him/her. I cannot destroy the beauty. Come my little beautiful nice girl, comes down from the Satan donkey and be a good girl and accept the facts. The boys have also their own problems, do not think that they have no problems. Even if I get the permission to do this funny operation, later you will be very sorry. You will never be a normal man and you destroy your position as a beautiful woman. So please think over and speak also with your daddy and mother and bring them next time with you to my office.

You are a beautiful sexy girl, and you will have a lot of possibilities later. The boys should wait until thirty if they want marry, you can marry with eighteen. You are twelve years minimum ahead of normal boys (I mean the normal boys, not rich ones). They should masturbate for fifteen years until they have a chance to be married. They make themselves happy with their hands or self satisfaction (sexual) but you can marry with young age. They have a lot of problem, too. Especially you are so nice; you will have ten of nice men who will ask for your hand. You are from a rich family, so you can even go to Europe or American for study. Over there boys and girls or women and man have no different like here and you are free like a man over there. You can do what ever you like. That is more doable as cutting your beautiful sexy breasts. And to damage your nice bottom which is prepared to hold a baby inside, to a small ugly bottom? You will destroy a beautiful woman, because you do not like to wear Islamic clothes for woman. Come on girl, you punish yourself for the unjust the society gives you? It is not wise to damage yourself, because this society thinks differently. You cannot make yourself ugly, because of other people.

The people who make the operation to be a man or a woman, and the government allow, they are not a real man or woman. They are something between or they are more woman than man. So they come to be operated. But even they cannot get a hundred present a real man or a real woman. They get close to a man or woman, but never a real natural man or woman. To let her more thinking seriously, I told her the story of my ground aunt. She was a very beautiful woman or girl. She was tall may be 175 cm. she had nice head with blond hair, beautiful green eyes which was also big. And round bottom with hard breast, which did not fell down like an eggplant. Her skin was so white that she afraid to go to the sunlight for a long time. She was forced, as she was so beautiful to marry in the time she was fourteen years old. Her husband was fourty years older than her, ugly man with one hand, small head and huge body. But he was rich and had enough money to buy her what ever she liked. She hated her and she did not have any sex or love affairs with him, so she decided to destroy her woman organ, to have no babies from him. She touched her posy and in the time she had period of blood, she washed herself many times and destroyed her vagina and her inside womanhood. The blood did stop and she did damage that organ. How exactly I do not know. She took very cold shower in the time she had blood coming from her. She jumped dangerously in the same time or she swim in the very cold water. So she destroyed herself completely. Her husband died in the time that she was still very young and the possibilities to marry a normal husband. But as she destroyed her womanhood, she could not have any children for her whole life. She married for the second time a better man, but she stayed sterile.

What eve she did and many doctors she visited and paid a lot of money for this did not help her at all. She was as sorry as she did such stupidity as a young woman. If she was a little bit patient, she could guess the husband who is fourty years older than her, will die soon or fourty years before she dies. And she has a lot of time to build up the life again. In the Islamic countries may be the girls have less freedom as the boys have, but some of these limitations are to protect them also. She said I do not want that forcing protect. I can protect myself. I know takwando and Judo and no boy can fight with me. I do not need their funny protection. I am fast and sportswoman. I do need any support. I can manage to defend myself. After that she said sadly, but I cannot ride bicycle, I cannot play football and I cannot run on the street as a boy does. Yesterday as I was riding bicycle a boy said to his friend look that boy, he has a round full bottom like an egg. He has the bottom like a woman. And the other day a boy who was close to me told me. Wow you breast is so round and so big almost like a breast of a woman. May be you are a girl and cheating us that you are a boy.

For all these problems I came to you to save me from all these difficulties and I do not have this round egg still bottom and these hard big breasts. They damage my freedom. My dear loving girl, what you ask is dangerous and not good. I am also legally not allowed to do this. Even if your parent and government give me the permission to do that I will never perform an operation which destroys the beauty. We just cut the breast which are sick and have cancer or they are very ugly like an egg plant.

I continue and told her; what ever we have should take care of them and be satisfied with them. In the world there are always things that we wish to have and we do not have them. Just like the freedom of sport that you love to have. But to have this freedom you are not allowed to destroy yourself. So you will regret for your whole life. In the time she was sadly crying was ready to go out of my office. I told her you should be proud to have such round nice bottom, which many women love to have them. And the hard round breast like crystal you posses. As the boy said, you bottom is like two nice eggs, round and beautiful. In West the girls or women are willing to pay millions of dollars to have such beauty and you want to destroy them? She looked at me and said, Mr. Doctor are saying the truth the total truth? I continue I know your father and I will speak with him, may be he can send you earlier to Europe to study there. So you can do your beloved sport and you do not need to have over Islamic coat and the scarf on your head. But now try to wear women clothes here, it is not so bad and is a especial memory for you.

But I told to myself, that our boys and girls have so many difficulties that they are willing to destroy themselves. In Europe or American or…the boys and girls are so free and wear what ever they want and nobody care and here they have so many difficulties. The beauty that they use to attract men to themselves, nice breast and bottom is a device for them to catch men, Nilufar will cut them? What they love to have and are proud to have it, our girls will cut them and through them away.

She agreed and said, I will ask my father send me to Germany for the nine grades. You have right. My father studied in Germany and understands me very well. And he said the German high school system is very good. At the end the girl was a little bit with hope left my office. She was still crying, but she had hope now. But I said to myself, why our children should feel so bad here. And they should be under so much pressure that they are willing to cut all their beauty.

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